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Sewer Line Services in Alexandria, LA

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Your sewer lines are hidden beneath the ground, and they’re not exactly our favorite thing to think about. This makes them even more vulnerable to unidentified deterioration and malfunction. Any complication with your sewer lines can lead to a serious problem, so you need professionals that you trust to handle preventative measures and repairs if they ever happen. A reliable team can be a lifesaver in maintaining and repairing your sewer lines effectively.

Southern Air is trained to handle these messes so that you don’t have to! Our plumbers take your sewer line services seriously because we know what the consequences are of making plumbing mistakes. If you’re in need of emergency sewer line repair or simply want to invest in preventative maintenance, our team is the best in Alexandria!

Common Sewer Repair Symptoms

Some Alexandria sewer repairs make themselves known right away — usually through the presence of sewage in your lawn or backed up in your home. Other repairs might be trickier to notice. It’s a good idea to watch for some telltale signs around your home. If you identify these problems quickly, our team be able to progress with the repair quicker when we get to your home:

Even a few minutes or hours can mean the difference between a small repair and a massive mess. Southern Air is ready by the phone 24/7 to start getting you help with your sewer repair!

Like any home system, your sewer line health is largely dependent on its age. Most sewer lines are designed to last for many decades, but different factors can shorten that estimate. Specifically, if you purchased an older home, have a professional evaluate the state of your sewer lines to avoid any time-related sewer repairs. Natural deterioration can be far more impactful than most realize.

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Sewer Maintenance Services

Many sewer repairs are caused by a lack of maintenance or could be avoided with some simple maintenance tips. Materials that we flush down our sewer systems are prime suspects for causing buildup and clogs in your sewer lines, so sewer cleanouts are important to clearing those pathways. Even the most diligent and careful homeowners are at risk of causing a clog or blockage in their sewer pipes. These are some of the typical causes of sewer line blockages that our team sees in Alexandria:

  • Grease
  • Soap residue
  • Toilet paper
  • Tree Roots
  • Hair

Luckily, Southern Air’s team can handle tough sewer blockages and clogs. Our plumbers travel with specialized plumbing equipment, making it much easier to locate and evaluate the clog in the lines. If tougher objects — like tree roots — are blocking your sewer lines, we even have small blades that can chop through the obstruction. That’s why we always recommend using professional plumbers for your Alexandria sewer repair!

Allowing a professional to maintain your sewer lines will also give you a good idea of the health of your lines. Are they deteriorating? Will you need further repair or replacement in the future? A maintenance appointment is a perfect time to plan for plumbing work ahead of time. It’s better to know about these kinds of things before they cause you major problems!

The Southern Air Difference

When it comes to your sewers, you don’t want to mess around with questionable plumbing companies in Alexandria. Southern Air takes your customer experience to higher levels. That means you can trust that we’ll take great care of you and your sewer lines. Are you ready for sewer line services that exceed your expectations? Give us a call today!

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