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Precise Air Duct Repair

Just as your AC unit should be checked and maintained, so should you air ducts. The network of ducts can be long and provide many opportunities for things to go wrong. Many issues that appear to be malfunctions with your AC unit may actually be caused by the ductwork.

That’s why calling Southern Air and getting an experienced technician to take a look is a great idea. Air duct repair is one of the services we provide to ensure your air is flowing where it needs to. There are several things to look out for when you suspect an air duct problem and several solutions our team has to make it right as soon as possible.

When Do You Need Air Duct Repair?

Since many air duct problems are mistaken for AC unit problems, it can be tricky to locate the true cause of your concerns. Luckily, there are a few signs you can look for in your North and Central Louisiana home that indicate a damaged, leaking or inefficient duct.


Low airflow to your home can often be a problem with the air ducts. They might be the wrong size for the amount of air that’s needed, or they could be blocked by something. Also, if one room in your home gets much colder or hotter than the rest of the house, it is likely because that duct is having trouble delivering conditioned air to that room.

Utility Bill Increases

During hot and cold months your bill should rise due to increased use of the AC system. However, if you feel your bill is much higher than usual or has no cause to rise, consider having your ducts checked.


The presence of dust is not abnormal in and around your air ducts. Checking your air filters will be a big indicator of irregular dust amounts. If you have to clean your air filters every single month it is likely you have a problem in your air ducts. Similarly, if there are dust streaks by the vent openings to your home that appear soon after they are cleaned consider calling an air conditioning technician.

Visible Damage

If you can locate your ductwork and notice a crushed duct, a hole in the duct or a missing duct altogether, you’ll need assistance to repair the air ducts.

What’s Wrong With Your Air Ducts?

If you notice one of the signs listed above – or have other cause for concern – you might need ductwork repair. But what exactly is wrong with your air ducts? These are the most common air duct repairs:

  • Duct Leaks
  • Under-Insulated Ducts
  • Missized Ducts
  • Old Ducts
  • Unbalanced Ducts

A licensed technician knows the proper ways to seal, reposition, redesign and replace ducts that need malfunctioning. While a hole in an air duct might seem like a small problem, even the smallest leaks can cause huge energy waste. They can even be harmful to your health if not addressed – recirculated dust and air contaminants are not healthy to be constantly breathing in.

Need Assistance With Air Duct Repairs?

Southern Air is glad to provide a highly skilled technician to help you locate and fix your air duct problem. If you’re looking for the best air duct repair services in North and Central Louisiana, look no further. Our team is ready and willing to do the job right. Contact one of our conveniently based locations and schedule your service!

If you're in need of an expert electrician, plumber or air conditioning and heating specialist, look no further! Southern Air is your committed team of customer service representatives, technicians, installers and more!

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