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Efficient AC Tune-Ups

One of the best things you can do for the health of your AC system is to have regular maintenance performed on it. The benefits of annual air conditioning tune-ups are extremely important to the performance of your AC unit. Southern Air is happy to provide yearly AC maintenance service in North and Central Louisiana to ensure all the functions are running properly. We’ll also spot and prevent future breakdowns and tune your system for maximum efficiency.

What’s Included in AC Tune-Ups?

Regular air conditioning maintenance consists of a long checklist of parts that our skilled technicians check and clean. There are many moving pieces and parts in your unit that can wear down over time. An annual inspection allows our technicians to recognize and replace parts that are worn down as well as cleanout residue and dust that can cause problems. Technicians also take the time to tighten connections and assess functional components.

In addition to the small parts, the larger function of your system can be fine-tuned. This is the time when professionals can hear if your AC is cooling unevenly, has low airflow or answer other questions you have. Increasing efficiency during these appointments can significantly raise your comfort level at home.

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What’s The Benefit of AC Maintenance?

We all have to do monthly and yearly maintenance on our vehicles to prevent wear on engine parts and make sure the systems can work. Shreveport AC units are very much the same. They can function without maintenance, but they will lose efficiency and begin to deteriorate. Get in front of your system’s health and avoid the consequences of a failing unit. The top benefits of AC tune-ups are:

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  • Longer Lifespan – Regular tuning allows your unit to last much longer than units left to deteriorate over time.
  • Lower Energy Consumption – When an AC unit is performing closer to maximum efficiency, it uses less energy to cool your home down.
  • Lower Utility Bills – Your energy consumption will be less, therefore you will start to save money.
  • Higher Efficiency Performance – Your home will actually be cooled when and how you want it to instead of fighting your system to raise or lower the temperature.
  • Fewer Repairs and Breakdowns – When you no longer need to pay for frequent repairs and fixes, you’ll see savings in your wallet and less stress.

In addition to technician maintenance, your AC system requires consistent filter checks and changes. The dust and debris that filters catch out of the air collect over time and coat the filter. When air can’t properly filter through the screens, the AC unit is put under stress and begins to perform less efficiently. Make sure you know the type of filter your unit uses and how often it should be changed.

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Ready To Schedule Maintenance?

If you’re looking for a great way to increase the efficiency of your AC unit and keep your system healthy, schedule an annual air conditioning tune-up with Southern Air. After you make an appointment we’ll take over from there and make sure you’re reaping the benefits of a high-functioning air conditioner in no time. Schedule your ac maintenance in of our conveniently based locations:

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