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4 Ways To Save Money On Your AC

Here in Louisiana, we know just how expensive it is to keep our homes cool and comfortable in the summer. No matter what we do, we have to run the AC throughout the day to make the sweltering heat bearable. But then our monthly energy bills skyrocket! Don’t you wish there was a way to have a more energy-efficient home?

With Southern Air on your side, you’ll be using energy-saving habits in no time. While we can’t control the heat of the sun, we can share some tips and tricks for raising your AC’s efficiency and keeping your home cooler throughout the year.

Increase Ventilation

One of the main reasons your AC struggles during the summer is due to poor circulation in your home. If the cool air can’t spread to the right rooms efficiently, your unit has to work extra hard to pump more cool air into your home. The more you help keep proper ventilation, the less your AC has to strain.

  • Open Interior Doors & Vents — A common myth about keeping a cool home is that by diverting the flow of air to specific rooms, they will become cooler. While this is true in theory, it’s not healthy for your AC unit. Your AC is designed to deliver a certain volume of air to your home. Closing off vents or doors just increases the pressure of the air inside the ducts and throws off the AC unit.
  • Attic Ventilation — Since heat rises, your attic will bear the brunt of those hot summer days. If you don’t want all that hot air to sit above your ceiling all day and affect the temperature of your home, you need proper fans and vents to expel the hot attic air.

Make Sure Your AC Is Correctly Sized

If you’re in the market for a new AC and you want it to be efficient, make sure you are investing in the correct sized unit for your home and demand. If you notice that your existing unit is struggling to keep up with your demand, you might have a unit that is too small for your home. Since it has a hard time producing enough cold or hot air to make you comfortable, it has to run for long periods of time. This drain on your energy will be noticeable in your monthly bill.

Use Ceiling Fans

Your ceiling fans are a huge part of your home’s air system, but their contribution is often undervalued. Ceiling fans may not produce cold air themselves, but they use the air chill effect to make up for it. When air moves over your skin, tiny beads of moisture are cooled and evaporated, making the air feel cooler than it is. If you use your fans properly, they can compensate for a 3 or 4-degree difference in your AC. In other words, you can set your thermostat a few degrees higher, and your fans will keep you comfortable.

Southern Louisiana AC Maintenance

Another great way to ensure that your AC is functioning as efficiently as possible is to have a professional complete an AC tune-up every year. Preventive maintenance identifies looming repairs, but it also allows experienced technicians to evaluate what changes need to be made to make your AC system more efficient. Don’t skip out on tune-up services because you think your AC is running fine — have a pro check it out so that you know it’s operating efficiently.

Need Help From The Pros?

Luckily, Southern Air has all the experience you need to keep a handle on your spiking energy bill. If you’d like more information on energy-saving best practices or you’re ready to schedule an HVAC tune-up, contact us today!

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