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Louisiana Tankless Water Heater Services

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Hot water is something we use every single day, but is your hot water heater standing up to the demands of your home? With dishes to clean, showers to run and all the miscellaneous tasks that may require hot water, it’s time to evaluate if your water heater is performing adequately for your needs. If you feel like you’re always struggling to get hot water or maintain your water heater tank, we have a solution for you.

Southern Air is proud to offer tankless water heater services to Central Louisiana! Tankless water heaters use modern technology to efficiently heat your water and eliminate the need for a storage tank altogether. If you’re interested in a tankless water heater, keep reading to learn more!

How Does A Tankless Water Heater Work?

A traditional water heater stores gallons of water in a tank, heating it at all times in the event you need hot water. When you turn the faucet or start a shower, that tank slowly starts to drain, sending hot water to your location. This limited amount of water in the tank is what causes showers to run cold if the tank hasn’t been refilled.

Tankless water heaters operate differently. They don’t have a tank to store all that hot water, so where does it come from? Tankless water heaters use a coil system inside the unit. When you turn the faucet or start a shower, the unit is signaled to start heating up those coils. Water is then sent over the coils, heating it as it rushes through the water heater. As long as you have the faucet running, the water heater will keep heating water to send to you. When you turn off your faucet, the water heater shuts off too.

What Are The Benefits Of Going Tankless?

Now that you know how a tankless water heater works, what does it all mean for your home? There are several proven advantages to switching to a tankless system, and you could be experiencing them in your home today!

  • Nearly Immediate and Unlimited Hot Water (no matter how many people are showering!)
  • Efficient Use of Energy — Tankless water heaters only heat when you need hot water instead of running constantly to keep a tank of water hot. Plus, the actual heating process uses less energy as well.
  • Reduced Energy and Water Bills
  • Fewer Maintenance & Repair Calls — Having a tanked water heater means that you have to complete maintenance to keep the tank operational, and the tank is one of the top causes of water heater repairs!
  • 2x The Lifespan of a Tanked Water Heater — Your tanked water heater could last up to 20 years before needing to be replaced!

The perks feel endless, and your entire home benefits from an intentionally efficient design. From requiring less space in your basement or garage to using less energy to heat your water, a tankless water heater could be just what you need.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

If all of these benefits sound like a great deal, you’ll need a trustworthy and experienced plumbing company to get your installation done right. Southern Air has the best plumbing team in the area, so you can count on us to make sure your tankless water heater installation goes smoothly and serves your home efficiently for years. Contact us today to start a service request!

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