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Reliable AC Repair

When your AC system is not working properly it can be such an inconvenience – especially in the hot Summer months. That’s why Southern Air makes it our top priority to get your cooling system back online to combat that heat. Malfunctions and breakdowns never happen at good times, so we even offer 24/7 ac repair to help our North and Central Louisiana customers at all times of the day and night.

Our experienced team at Southern Air can tackle any problem with your AC unit, heat pump, ductless AC, or your thermostat. We cover every aspect of your cooling system because we’re dedicated to serving you with top-tier service. So, is your home or business in need of air conditioning repair? Do you want to be ahead of the curve? Don't wait until something breaks, have one of our friendly HVAC techs give your air conditioning system a tune-up!

Common Signs You Need An AC Repair

Our team can only assist you if you can recognize the need for repair in the first place. There are several abnormal signs you can look for in your AC system that are prime indicators that you need AC repair service.

AC Is Not Cooling

If your AC is providing warm air or is simply not cooling your home anymore, contact our AC professionals. The unit will continue to waste energy and money until it can be repaired. Plus, you will have to deal with uncomfortable temperatures in your home. Our technicians will locate the problem and fix it in no time.

Low Airflow From AC

Your AC system should provide consistent airflow to your home. If it is not, there could be a problem with your compressor or inner parts of the unit. A licensed technician can identify these problems easily. You could also have an issue with your ductwork. Air ducts can collect airborne debris over time if not cleaned properly, or they could have been installed inefficiently in the first place. Our team knows how to evaluate or clean your ducts to return strong airflow.

High AC Utility Bills

Sudden spikes in your energy bill can indicate that your system is not running as efficiently as it should be. A technician can check out your unit for any broken or malfunctioning parts, but routine maintenance can also be done to improve your AC unit’s function.

AC Noises and Smells

The regular start-up sound and running sounds of your AC unit should be the only noises you hear from it. Any grinding, squealing, or grating sounds should be addressed by an Alexandria professional quickly to avoid more expensive repairs.

Similarly, any burnt smells coming from your vents can indicate that wire insulation has burnt off or other issues that can become serious if not fixed. Musty or mildewy smells often point to mold growth in the AC system which can be very unhealthy for you and your family to breathe in.

Contact Southern Air and we’ll dispatch a skilled HVAC technician to get your system running clean, fresh and quiet.

AC Leaks

Though AC units can create their own condensation, any considerable liquid leaks should be dealt with quickly. Water leaks can cause mold or rust to form as well as signify a disconnected drain tube or other issues. Refrigerant can even leak out of the system – this liquid can be very dangerous and must be handled by an HVAC licensed technician.

Need AC Repairs?

If your AC system is showing signs of any of the listed problems you can rely on our team to find and fix it. Southern Air is committed to providing you with excellent service and efficient ac repairs. For the best air conditioning repair, contact one of our 5 locations:

At Southern Air, we care about fixing your ac system right the first time and with this passion for excellent service, we have continued to maintain a high rating with the BBB.

If you're in need of an expert HVAC or plumbing specialist, look no further! Southern Air is your committed team of customer service representatives, technicians, installers and more! We'll provide you with the stellar service you deserve – plus your home will run smoothly and efficiently when we're done!

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