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Slab Leak Services in Pineville and Surrounding Areas

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It’s good for homeowners to know their homes inside and out if only to be able to recognize when something is amiss. If your home is built on a concrete foundation then you should be aware that a leak in your slab can be disastrous. Recognizing a slab leak and calling for a slab leak repair quickly can really save you money and damage.

We don’t expect you to know everything about your plumbing – that’s what Southern Air is for! We’ll take the mess off your hands and give you your options upfront, but first, you have to be able to tell us there’s a problem.

How Can Your Slab Leak?

Many of the plumbing pipes that run through your walls to provide you with water also run into the foundation of your Pineville home. When the slab moves or erosion takes its toll, the pipes can break and begin to leak. The water that leaks inside the slab is probably one of the most difficult leaks to find and fix because it is encased in concrete.

slab leak detection

Why Is Your Slab Leaking?

If the pipes in your foundation are surrounded by concrete, you may wonder why a leak can occur in the first place. Here are a few common causes of Alexandria slab leaks:

  • Time – Given enough time, age can take its toll on your foundation plumbing. Extended years of stress on the plumbing can lead to leaks and bursts. Also, many older homes were built with copper pipes in their slabs. Copper is a relatively soft metal and has been proven to corrode faster than other metals when exposed to the elements.
  • Faulty Installation – At the time of construction, if your pipes were installed incorrectly or poor-quality pipes were used, your home may be at higher risk of foundation leaks. In the process of installing the pipes any scratches or notches taken by the metal can lead to weak spots. These weak spots can become leaks or pipe bursts over time.
  • Hard Water – Just as hard water can corrode indoor plumbing and appliances, the acidity in hard water can cause corrosion in slab plumbing.
  • Consistent Chafing – The concrete and rough material that surround the pipes can be a damaging surface for pipes to come into contact with. Hot water pipes are particularly vulnerable because they expand and contract due to the heat.

What Does A Slab Leak Look Like?

Since a leak in your foundation is pretty much hidden, it is very important that you know the other signs that indicate a leak may be present. If you can spot a secondary sign quickly, you may prevent a lot more damage from occurring.

slab leaks

Slab Leak Outdoor Signs

If you can periodically walk around your Pineville home and take a look at the concrete that is visible, you may spot water where it shouldn’t be. A trickle coming from the concrete, a puddle at the base of the foundation and areas with mold growth are all signs that water is roaming inside your foundation.

Slab Leak Indoor Signs

When a pipe is leaking in the slab, the water often can’t find a path to the edge of the concrete. The only other option is for it to settle underneath your house. If you notice the following abnormalities in your home, you may need slab leak repair services.

  • A sudden spike in your monthly water bill
  • Wet rug and carpets
  • Warm and cool spots on the floor
  • Warped or cracked flooring

Slab Leak Services in Alexandria and Pineville

If you notice signs of a slab leak inside or outside of your home, allow Southern Air’s slab leak detection team to help you out. It’s best to repair this kind of plumbing problem as quickly as possible to avoid any more damage than is necessary. For the best Alexandria slab leak repair services, give us a call!

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