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Drain Cleaning Services in North and Central Louisiana

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The drains and sewers for your home are usually kept out of sight and out of mind. But when something eventually goes wrong, it can really be a disaster. Clogged drains, backed-up water and sewer problems all have the potential to be a messy headache for you.

Luckily, Southern Air can provide you with premier plumbing solutions for your drains and sewers. We use specialized technology and years of experience with the area to make a quick sewer repair or unclog a drain to get your life back on track.

Drain Unclogging and Repair

Drain clogs are most often caused by hair and residue from things we put down the drain – soap, hygiene products and even food can leave residues. Over time the buildup from these substances can form a sizable blockage. Also, jewelry and small toys that find their way down the drain can be the culprit behind a clog. Recognizing a clog and contacting a plumber quickly is the best way to avoid bigger problems.

drain blockage

Preventative Drain Maintenance

Southern Air encourages periodic drain cleaning to keep your drains healthy. We can flush out that buildup before it has time to collect into a major blockage. If you’re looking for an Alexandria drain cleaning service, we can get the job done right for you. Preventative drain maintenance is the best way to avoid clogs in the first place, but some clogs are simply inevitable.

Unclog A Drain

Most clogs can be resolved by homeowners. In fact, there are some simple ways to dislodge or dissolve clogs that only require household items! Many minor clogs will be beaten by these tactics in no time allowing your water to flow easily.

  • Pour hot water down the drain.
  • Pour a mix of baking soda, vinegar and hot water down the drain.
  • Use vinegar ice cubes in the drain.
  • Put dish soap or detergent down the drain.

Major Drain Clog Repair

While homeowners are more than capable of trying to resolve a drain clog on their own, there is a point when it is the smartest choice to call a professional plumber. You never want a minor clog to become a major problem, but here are some signs that your clog could be becoming more serious:

  • Pungent Smell – If a strong odor is coming from the drain you suspect is clogged, it is likely blocked with a pretty serious buildup.
  • Backed Up Water – When a clog is causing water to change its flow pattern and back up out of other drains it is important to call a plumber to avoid any water damage in your home.
  • Failed Home Clog Removal – If you can’t use any of the home remedies to unclog your drain, it’s best to call a plumber. The clog will only continue to get worse without professional intervention.

Sewer Cleaning and Repair

Any issue with your sewer lines puts a lot of stress on you as a homeowner. That’s why Southern Air will do all the dirty work for you and get your sewers back in proper order. We are dedicated to making sure your sewers run smoothly and don’t cause you any more problems.

sewer line services shreveport

Sewer Cleaning

Unlike hidden pipe leaks in your home, it is usually very clear when your sewer is causing you trouble. Besides water bubbles and gurgling in your toilets or pipes, a foul odor will usually be noticed around your home. If this happens, contact a plumber quickly so that they can prevent any serious disasters.

Our team can snake the sewer lines or completely clean out the sewer lines – whatever it takes to return the system to normal function. Our tools will make quick work of the mess and allow you to breathe fresh air again.

Sewer Repair

In the unfortunate case that you need an actual sewer pipe repair, we can take care of that too. Your sewer pipes need to be in top condition to do their jobs, and we intend on making sure any busted or broken parts are replaced swiftly.

Drain and Sewer Services in Central Louisiana

You shouldn’t be stressing about your drains and sewers, so let Southern Air keep it that way. We will keep your drains and sewers healthy and respond quickly if there’s ever a problem. For more information on our drain and sewer services just give us a call! Request a service in one of our locations closest to your home:

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