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Our drains do a tremendous amount to add to the convenience of our lives — and they deserve to be taken care of. Not only does having a functioning drain make our lives flow smoother but public health has also been greatly improved since they’ve become common because they make simple acts of sanitation far easier.

If you’re dealing with drain issues or simply want to make sure yours has the best chance of functioning properly, the team here at Southern Air has your back.

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Signs That You Might Need Your Drains Cleaned

With a wide range of consumer products on the market all designed to help homeowners clean their drains, it can be difficult to feel confident knowing whether or not calling a professional is necessary. The team here at Southern Air understands your hesitation — we’d never want our clients to spend money on a service they don’t need.

That’s why we’ve put together this short list of some of the key signs that might indicate that it’s time to have your drains cleaned professionally.

Slow Draining Water

Under ideal conditions, it shouldn’t take long for water to disappear down a drain. A properly functioning drain will allow water to escape as fast as it can come out of the faucet. If you notice that water is draining particularly slowly, it’s probably time for a thorough cleaning.

Unpleasant Odors

As dirt and grime are allowed to accumulate along the interior of your drains, they can begin to create a breeding ground for all sorts of mold and bacteria. These biological intruders can give off gas, leading to a constant unpleasant odor coming from your drain.

Gurgling Noises In Pipes

Gurgling from your pipes can be a sign of a blockage that’s allowing water to get backed up at some point in your pipe. The gurgling is created by water being forced through the limited space created by the blockage.

Water Backing Up In Sinks Or Tubs

Your home’s plumbing is an interconnected system where each component influences the rest. A clog in one section of your pipes can restrict flow and cause water to backflow out of over drains in your home.

Persistent Clogs

Clogs are bound to happen now and then. However, if you find yourself dealing with clogs regularly and being forced to use a plunger or drain snake more than you’d like, it’s probably a good idea to start over with a clean slate by having your pipes professionally cleaned.

Presence Of Fruit Flies Or Sewer Flies

Flies tend to be attracted to strong, particularly rotten smells. If you notice a sudden spike in flies in your home and can’t seem to find an obvious cause then it might be time to check your drains. Food and biological matter washed into our plumbing can give off odors that attract these flying pests.

As a homeowner, you should always be on the lookout for abnormal behavior coming from any of the structural components of your home. While any one of these issues might not mean that a professional drain cleaning is totally necessary, having persistent problems with any of them should always be a sign of concern.

Clean Drains To Cure Your Pains

The team here at Southern Air takes pride in being the best Alexandria drain cleaning service around. We have years of experience under our belts and a standard of service so high that we’re confident enough to give our customers a list of guarantees and promises that none of our competitors can seem to match. You can’t go wrong by choosing us for all of your plumbing in Alexandria!

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