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Nothing is quite as annoying as a stubborn drain clog in your home. Whether it’s your shower, tub or one of your sinks, the frustration over a clogged drain can halt your daily activities in mere seconds. You might have some luck with home remedies or plumbing your drain, but some clogs make it their mission to ruin your day. That’s when you need some expert plumbers to get your drain in working order!

When you need professional drain unclogging services in Alexandria, choose Southern Air. Your clog may think it’s the toughest thing out there, but our team has some tricks up their sleeves. Between specialized tools and years of experience, we’ll clear your clog one way or another. Plus, we’ll do it quickly, giving you your bathroom or kitchen back in a flash. Let us take the stress and mess out of your hands!

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Why Do Drain Clogs Form?

You may think that you’re careful with what you put down the drain, but the sewer and water lines leading away from our homes are much more delicate than we realize. We usually underestimate how little it takes to form a clog. In fact, you might be surprised by the most frequent causes of drain clogs:

  • Hair
  • Grease
  • Mineral Buildup
  • Paper Residue
  • Food Waste
  • Soap Residue
  • Foreign Objects

When these materials are sent down the drain — even the tiniest amounts of them — they start to catch on the insides of your pipes. When enough residue is caught, a blockage forms. Once the clog forms, your best hope will be a professional plumbing solution. While there’s no way to completely prevent all drain clogs, you can significantly reduce the probability of them forming with some easy maintenance. DIY drain cleaners can be effective and are usually made of materials you already have around your home.

Drain Cleaning Solutions For The Toughest Clogs

One of the biggest struggles about clearing drain clogs is making sure the clog is completely solved. Some homeowners believe they’ve cleared the clog, but it simply moved deeper into their plumbing. Many chemical drain cleaners that are commonly used eat a hole out of the middle of the clog. This makes it seem like the clog has been cleared when water can drain again, but the clog will simply reform!

Truly clearing a clogged drain sometimes requires the expert use of plumbing tools. With access to hi-tech pipe cameras, drain snakes and other plumbing equipment, we can make sure that your clog is completely removed. We never offer short-term solutions — we guarantee that!

Reliable Alexandria Drain Services

When you invite a plumber into your home, they’re meant to take the stress off your shoulders, not create more! Southern Air makes sure that every plumber on our team is certified and prepared to handle your drain services. Plus, you can count on our team members to listen and treat you with the respect you deserve. We’re committed to making your experience with our team members top-notch. If you’re ever unsatisfied with our services, we come back and make it right. That’s a guarantee!

Choose Southern Air

When you need your drains cleaned or a stubborn clog taken care of, Southern Air is here for you. Your plumbing services should always solve your problem quickly, and we make sure we leave your home operating better than we found it. We’re the best plumbing company in Alexandria, and we prove it by upholding rigorous standards. Contact us today to learn more or to speak with a customer service representative!

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