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Alexandria AC Repairs & Tune-ups

Here in the Louisiana heat, air conditioning problems can be outright unacceptable. Far more than merely a matter of comfort, having access to reliable air conditioning can be as necessary as food and clean water when it comes to staying healthy during summer.

While the team here at Southern Air would never claim to be healthcare professionals, we consider keeping people cool and safe during the summer months our responsibility and do everything in our power to make our superior services as accessible as possible.

When you’re experiencing issues with your AC, our skilled technicians are more than capable of getting to the root of the problem and providing a solution that’s guaranteed to last. Whether you need a simple inspection or are looking for the best air conditioner repair in Alexandria, you can’t go wrong with Southern Air.

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Most Common AC Repairs

When it comes to your AC, surprises are rarely a good thing. You want an air conditioner that’s going to turn on when needed and do a good job of efficiently cooling your home. Fortunately, whenever you are surprised by an AC problem, we guarantee it’s nothing we haven’t dealt with before! One of our experienced technicians will have the issue fixed before you know it.

To give our clients an idea of some of the problems they may face down the road, here are some of the most common types of air conditioner repair in Alexandria.

Refrigerant Leaks

Almost all air conditioners rely on a system of pressurized refrigerant to run. Responsible for heat transfer, your AC must be filled with the proper amount of refrigerant to run properly. Refrigerant leaks can drastically lower the efficiency of your unit or cause it to fail.

Capacitor Issues

Capacitors control and limit the flow of electricity through the electrical components of your AC. Faulty capacitors can cause a range of issues, including the total prevention of start-up.

Compressor Failures

The compressor is responsible for compressing the refrigerant after it’s been heated to cool it off for recirculation through the system. Without a properly functioning compressor, the system will eventually overheat and stop working.

Thermostat Problems

Thermostat issues are tricky. As the main control interface between you and your HVAC system, a thermostat issue can present itself as much more serious than it is.

If you’re having thermostat issues, now is the best time to consider upgrading to a smart thermostat!

Evaporator Coil Leaks

The evaporator is the main indoor component of your standard AC system and is responsible for chilling the air that is to be circulated through your house. Evaporator coil leaks can greatly reduce your system’s ability to cool and can cause freezing.

Condenser Coil Issues

The counterpart of the evaporator, the condenser coils are responsible for giving hot refrigerant a place to circulate. Its heat can then be dissipated outside and it can be compressed and recirculated through the system.

Clogged or Dirty Filters

Filters are important components of the standard AC system and are responsible for filtering out particulates from the air. We recommend that you replace your filters every few months. Failing to do so can severely limit air flow which will greatly reduce the overall efficiency of your system.

The Shield Of Protection

The best way to avoid all the problems mentioned above, and even the ones we didn’t mention, is by ensuring that your AC system receives regular tune-ups and inspections. Fortunately, Southern Air has put together a membership plan called The Shield Of Protection that offers our customers several key benefits that somehow raise our lofty standards for customer service, even higher.

Members enjoy 2 free tune-ups per year, covering winter and summer, prioritized service and a 20% discount on Alexandria AC repairs.

Guaranteed Comfort, Through Every Summer

From AC fixes to solve every problem to the best AC tune-up in Alexandria, we take pride in being the obvious choice for all things HVAC. So if you’re having an AC issue or simply want to make sure that your unit is prepared to deal with the summer heat, don’t wait and call Southern Air today!

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