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AC Replacements, Repairs & Maintenance

To say it gets hot here in Louisiana is like saying the ocean may be a little wet — something of an understatement! As residents of this beautiful and occasionally sweltering state, the team here at Southern Air takes our job of providing AC services in Alexandria as seriously as we possibly can.

We understand that having access to a reliable Alexandria air conditioning company is more than a matter of comfort — it’s essential for health and well-being, particularly during the oppressive heat of the summer months.

When you need a trustworthy professional, part of a team that will never leave you stranded, Southern Air is the perfect solution for all your air conditioning needs in Alexandria. Whether it’s new installations, replacements, repairs or general maintenance, we take pride in being the most comprehensive provider of HVAC services, guaranteed!

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Why Choose Southern Air To Keep You Cool?

For the professionals here at Southern Air, providing comprehensive air conditioning solutions is our minimum requirement for outstanding service. We’re proud to offer superior AC services backed by a series of Ironclad Guarantees so that our customers can feel confident that they are being protected in the places it matters most.

All of our work is backed by:

  • The Peace Of Mind Guarantee
  • The 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • The No Suprise Guarantee
  • The Property Protection Guarantee
  • The Comfort Guarantee
  • Utility Savings Guarantee
  • $500 Installation Date Guarantee
  • $500 No Frustration Guarantee
  • The No Lemon Guarantee

For more information on the comprehensive protection offered by our Ironclad Guarantees, we offer a detailed breakdown of each.

We can confidently say that no one in the industry takes their dedication to customer satisfaction and protection to such extremes. Why choose anyone to fix your AC, when you could choose the best?

AC Installation & Replacement

The replacement or initial installation of an air conditioning system is no small task. Often requiring extensive work and access to your home, it can feel daunting to leave such an extensive job in the hands of strangers.

That’s why we offer a long, detailed list of guarantees. Every protection mentioned above is our way of leaving the best first impression possible. When you choose us to provide your home with a quality air conditioning solution, it feels like you’re being helped by a caring friend rather than hiring a company to work on your home.

From traditional single-split units to providing the best ductless AC in Alexandria, we’re confident that our team can provide a system that will keep your family cool for years to come.

Air Conditioning Repair

Here in Louisana, we work our air conditioners hard! When you have an AC installed by the Southern Air pros, your system will withstand the use for the most part. However, like any working machine, components will wear down and eventually fail. When this happens, our team has you covered with air conditioning repairs you can trust.

AC Maintenance & The Shield Of Protection

The best way to avoid having to make repairs entirely is through proper maintenance. Just like every other aspect of HVAC service, we’ve got you covered.

With a Southern Air AC tune-up, our technicians will go over your system with a fine-tooth comb, cleaning accumulated debris and replacing worn-out components. It’s recommended that you have your system maintained at least once a year as that’s by far the best method of preventing expensive repairs.

If you want to take all of the thought out of AC maintenance, consider asking us about our Shield of Protection maintenance program! Members enjoy a litany of benefits and prioritized services including 2 FREE tune-ups per year and 20% off on all AC services!

Say Goodbye To Summer Discomfort, Choose Southern Air

When it comes to AC services, there isn’t a company that will offer more than the professionals here at Southern Air. If you have any air conditioning needs at all, don’t hesitate to call us today and make your AC issues a thing of the past.

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