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Alexandria Heater Replacements, Repairs & Tune-Ups

Staying warm during the winter used to be a full-time job. Between gathering wood and maintaining the fire, pre-industrial winters left little time for anything other than the struggle to stay warm.

Fortunately, we live in a time where a warm house is usually never more than a flip of a switch away — and the team here at Southern Air is dedicated to doing everything in our power to keep it that way.

When you’re looking for an Alexandria heating company that is dedicated to providing you with reliable service at any cost, Southern Air is here with services backed by unmatched guarantees and an ever-growing list of stellar reviews.

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Reliable Furnace Installation

Being one of the most common heating methods in the United States, furnaces provide homes with a reliable heat source while utilizing a cost-effective, readily available fuel source — natural gas. While not the most popular heating method in Louisiana, furnaces still represent an almost foolproof system and for homes that already utilize natural gas, it could end up being the most cost-effective type of heating available.

If you’re looking to install a new furnace or replace the one you currently have, then you can’t choose a better team than the one here at Southern Air. With a 100% money-back guarantee, we’ve done everything we can to take away all of the risk associated with furnace installation in Alexandria. When you’re ready for your new heating system, we’ll be there.

Heat Pump Installation

Thanks to our fairly mild winters, Louisiana is one of the few states where natural gas furnaces aren’t the primary method of residential heating. In fact, 65 percent of the homes here utilize electricity to provide heat, and they do so utilizing heat pump technology.

Heat pumps can efficiently heat spaces utilizing electricity by transferring heat from one place to another rather than generating it. Not only are they capable of heating your home through the winter, but the process can also be reversed to provide efficient cooling during the summer. This makes heat pumps a convenient, all-in-one solution for residential HVAC.

Whether you are currently utilizing a heat pump and need it serviced or are looking to make the switch and join the majority of your fellow Louisianan’s in our heat pump takeover. We’ve got the skills and experience needed to make sure that you and your family have access to a reliable source of heating and air, year-round.

Heater Repair & Maintenance

Regardless of the type of heater you’re currently using — furnace or heat pump — the components of your heating system will wear down and you’ll eventually need maintenance or repairs. When your heater is having problems, our team has the skills to work on every type of heater out there.

We recommend that you have your heater inspected at least once a year to prevent major problems and keep it working at peak efficiency. When you need your system looked over, our team uses a comprehensive checklist so that you can rest assured that every component of your heater is working as it should. Whether you need a heat pump tune-up or are looking for the best furnace maintenance in Alexandria, we’ve got you covered.

If you don’t want to ever have any doubts regarding the condition of your HVAC system, consider joining our Shield of Protection plan. Not only do members enjoy two free tune-ups per year, but they’ll also have access to service discounts and priority services. If you’re the type of person who cares about maintaining the investments in their home, then the price of entry will quickly pay for itself.

Southern Air Has The Best Alexandria Heating Services Around

From furnace installations to the best Alexandria heater repair around, Southern Air is committed to providing our community with a reliable source of HVAC services while making it as accessible as possible to everyone in our community. With hassle-free financing and a team that truly cares, calling Southern Air could be the best decision you’ve made all year!

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