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Credible Furnace Replacement Services

The majority of the year we Louisiana residents care more about our AC systems than our heating systems, but it’s still important to make sure your heating system is fully capable. Those cold snaps don’t give a warning before they blow in, and you should be ready and toasty warm in your home.

Southern Air is determined to provide you with top-tier service and ensure you’re prepared for every season throughout the year. If you’re unsure if your furnace is underperforming or you need a brand new furnace installation, we’re the team for you.

Furnace Replacement Caution Signs

If your heating system is on it’s last leg, it will likely show some signs of system failure. Keep vigilant for these signs to prevent a total breakdown at an inconvenient time.


While most furnaces can last 20 to 30 years many factors can affect the lifespan of your specific unit. It’s recommended that you start watching your furnace at around 15 years for signs of aging. Cleaning and maintaining your furnace can also help lengthen the lifespan and delay the replacement for several years. If your furnace is over 15 years old and begins to be problematic, it is usually cost-effective to replace it.

High Energy Bills

Sudden or steadily increasing energy bills without a change in consumption can signify a less efficient system that is struggling to perform. The cost is only going to increase as time goes on and the unit deteriorates further.

Uneven Heating

If you begin to feel like your home has warm and cold spots or the heating system is failing to adequately heat your home, it is likely time to replace it. Systems above the average lifespan are especially vulnerable to steady decreases in performance.

Abnormal Noises

While furnaces can be noisy while running, louder than usual or disrupting noises indicate a problem. Rattling, popping, screeching and squealing noises should always be checked out by a technician. If the issue can’t be repaired then noises may get worse over time until the furnace is replaced.

Furnace Installation Professionals

There are many factors that can affect what kind and size of a furnace will work best in your home. It is really important to correctly size your home and its heating needs before the purchase and the heating installation. A unit too big will heat the home too quickly and not correctly filter the air, and a unit too small will always struggle to keep up with the demands of the home.

Fortunately, our team is expert on calculating the exact size you’ll need and matching that with the perfect kind and brand system. You can rest assured that when you need heat – though it may not be often – Southern Air will have you set up properly.

We’ll also perfectly install your furnace the first time, leaving your home warm and as clean as we found it.

Need A Furnace Installation?

Southern Air is the top heater installation team in North and Central Louisiana. Our team is credible and trustworthy and will always get the job done right. Be prepared for that cool weather! Call one of our conveniently based locations to schedule your furnace installation:

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If you're in need of an expert HVAC or plumbing specialist, look no further! Southern Air is your committed team of customer service representatives, technicians, installers and more! We'll provide you with the stellar service you deserve – plus your home will run smoothly and efficiently when we're done!

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