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Ductless AC & Mini-Split Services

Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional air conditioning system? Maybe you’d like to customize your heating and cooling to perfectly match your home? Or you might just want the highest efficiency system you can find. The good news is your search stops here.

Southern Air is proud to provide residents in North and Central Louisiana ductless AC systems – also called mini-splits – as an option to cool and heat your home. The newer technology used in these systems has a number of advantages over traditional AC systems, and our skilled technicians can help you determine if your North and Central Louisiana home is a good candidate for a mini-split installation.

How Do Ductless ACs Work?

Ductless systems have indoor and outdoor units – like traditional AC systems. However, the indoor air handler is located directly on the wall with ductless systems. This design circumvents the entire need for ducts and uses a much smaller physical footprint.

The air handler and the outdoor unit are connected through the wall by tubes and cords that transport the air and provide power. The air is sucked in by the air handler, cooled in the outdoor compressor and then pushed back inside to cool your home.

Are Ductless ACs More Efficient?

Traditional central AC systems rely on a network of ducts located in the attic and walls to move air around the home. As its name suggests, a ductless system does not use ducts. It’s designed to cool on a room-by-room basis, which often allows for more accurate temperature control and energy usage.

What Are The Benefits of Ductless ACs?

By using different technology, ductless systems have the potential to outpace traditional air conditioner’s in performance. These are several main benefits of having a mini-split AC unit over a traditional one:

Zone Control

Ductless systems offer a method of cooling the home called zone-cooling. The air handlers in a ductless system are installed in strategic places – often high-traffic areas. This allows you to control the air in different parts of your home separately.

Energy Loss

Traditional systems have to push air around inside ducts, and small amounts of air are lost through vent leaks over time. One of the main benefits of ductless systems is that they don’t require ducts. The energy used in a ductless system is completely contained and not susceptible to leaking.

Flexible Aesthetics

The appearance of the air handler installed on your wall is streamlined and compact for minimal disturbance to your home design. They can even be customized to fit the color and trim of your home.

The unit also has a much smaller physical footprint allowing it to be flexible in location when installed. This may give you more options when deciding where to put the air handler to cool your home.

Operational Cost

The higher efficiency and precise cooling capacity of ductless systems often mean that you won’t waste as much energy trying to cool the entire home at once. Your utility bill will likely be lower, and you can begin saving money.

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Ready To Upgrade To A Ductless AC?

Keep in mind that not everybody’s home is an efficient choice for ductless AC installation. That’s why our technicians’ expertise will be essential in deciding if your home could benefit from a ductless air conditioner. Our team at Southern Air Heating, Cooling & Plumbing will be happy to evaluate your home and install a new ductless system when the time comes. Depend on us to get the job done right. Contact one of 5 locations today:

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