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Backup Generator Services In Alexandria

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Depending on your circumstances, going without power can mean anything from a minor inconvenience to a life-threatening disaster. Regardless of where you sit on the spectrum, the professionals here at Southern Air feel that none of our customers should ever be totally beholden to the power grid.

Living in a state prone to hurricanes and severe weather, for the residents of Alexandria, a whole-home generator can mean the difference between weeks without power and getting to enjoy some semblance of normalcy during a natural disaster.

It’s our mission at Southern Air to provide top-tier generator services for the members of our community who want peace of mind and added protection of backup power.

Best Reasons To Have A Generator In Louisiana

Unfortunately, by the time most people realize they need a generator, they’re generally sitting in a dark room wishing they would’ve bought one sooner. It’s our goal here at Southern Air that every one of our customers is prepared for when the unexpected happens and you find yourself suddenly without power.

Residents of colder states have long been aware of the importance and use of whole-home generators, and we’re doing our best to educate our customers on just how important having one here in the South can be.

Below are a few of the main ways that investing in a generator might improve your life.

Hurricane Preparedness

As hurricanes get more extreme with every year that passes and these catastrophic storms reach further inland, more people become vulnerable to power outages that hurricanes are capable of causing.
While it may be a mild consequence compared to having your house destroyed, the professionals here at Southern Air feel that for every citizen of Alexandria, whole-home generators are affordable and accessible.

Ensuring Continuous Power For Medical Equipment

If you utilize medical devices that require electricity to operate, then having access to a backup generator can be a matter of life and death.

Staying Cool During The Sweltering Summer

During the worst of Louisiana summers, not having access to air conditioning can quickly turn from an issue of convenience into one of health. With heat stroke being a very possible reality, utilizing a home generator is a great way to ensure that there’s an added layer of protection between you and the summer sun.

Back-up Power For Small-Businesses

For a small business, having to shut down during a power outage can lead to financial pitfalls that are difficult to climb out of. Investing in a generator is an investment in the future of your small business as you can be confident that you’ll be able to serve your customers, even when the power grid fails to serve you.

Preserving Food

For most people, it’s never that big of a deal when the power goes out for a few hours. It’s generally just a slight inconvenience, and our refrigerators are insulated enough to keep our perishables fresh until the problem is fixed.

Sometimes the problem lasts more than a few hours. When that happens, warm freezers can lead to massive amounts of food waste.
With one of our generators, not only will you be able to save your phone from dying, but you’ll also be able to save hundreds of dollars of food in your freezer!

Southern Air: Generating Customer Satisfaction

Regardless of your reasoning for wanting one, generator installation is available to you. Southern Air is committed to becoming the prime destination in Alexandria for home generators.

So if you want that added layer of protection from the unexpected and want to make sure your home remains a shining beacon when the neighborhood goes dark, call the team at Southern Air — before you don’t have enough battery to do so!

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