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Generator Services in Alexandria Louisiana

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The weather in Louisiana covers a wide scope. Throughout the year, your home can experience all kinds of extremes, from high winds and hail to tropical storms and hurricanes. When severe weather strikes and your house loses power, you need a generator that you can rely on.

Southern Air is here to help Alexandria residents stay safe and comfortable by providing top-quality home services. Our technicians have years of experience, so you can trust you’re receiving the customer service you deserve. We take pride in our work to perform your generator installations and repairs to the highest industry standards.

Benefits of Home Generators

If your home loses power, your routines come to a grinding halt. A lack of electricity can cause numerous inconveniences, and in the summertime can even put your safety at risk. By installing a whole-home generator, you can be confident that your home is safe and protected – even if there’s a blackout.

With a generator from Southern Air, you can maintain your quality of life even if the weather knocks out your power. Here are some of the household benefits you may take for granted – and what a generator can continue to provide:

  • Working lights and outlets
  • Reliable HVAC system
  • Cold freezer and refrigerator
  • Functional security system
  • Operational garage doors and gates

The next time severe weather strikes, you can depend on your generator from Southern Air.

Do You Need a Professional to Install Your Generator?

A generator is a powerful, important element of your home. Don’t leave the installation up to chance – rely on the professionals at Southern Air for dependable generator installation in Alexandria. Keep your HVAC unit running and the lights on by scheduling with the professionals many Alexandria residents trust with their homes.

If you have a gas-powered or propane generator, you need a licensed plumber for expert servicing. Don’t put your house or family at risk from a gas leak by cutting corners. Our team works efficiently and safely to get your generator up and running in no time. Reach out to Southern Air today to schedule your service visit.

Accurate Load Analysis

In addition to professional installations, we guarantee to equip your home with a perfectly-sized generator. Every home is different, so you need to know what your load capacity is so that your home can be fully powered in an emergency. Trust our technicians to help you invest in a reliable generator that you can depend on season after season.

Once your generator is up and running, make sure it works efficiently every time you need it by scheduling routine maintenance. Most standby generators require annual tune-ups, so make sure you schedule your appointment with Southern Air.

Your At-Home Generator

Protect your home from the elements and continue to live comfortably no matter what the weather throws at you. With service from Southern Air, you can rely on our dependable installations and enjoy an efficient generator for years. When you’re ready to invest in a whole-home generator, reach out to our team. Contact us today!

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