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Whole-Home Surge Protection in Shreveport

The electrical system in your home powers everything from your phone charger to your AC unit, but do you know how easily it can be compromised? If electricity can escape its designated path, your entire home and your electrical devices are all at risk.

That’s why Southern Air offers whole-home surge protection. If you want to protect your home from dangerous power surges, a comprehensive protection system is your best solution.

Why Are Power Surges So Dangerous?

A power surge is a sudden spike in electricity through your home. It can be caused by issues in the utility power surrounding power outages, lightning storms or even problematic electrical repairs in your home. When too much power surges into your plugged-in devices, they can easily be fried or damaged. Even if your devices aren’t noticeably affected, surges can cause unseen damage to your electrical systems or large appliances.

It’s not often that we even realize we’ve experienced a power surge in our homes. We experience, on average, about 20 power surges a day in our homes. Most of these power surges happen internally, or because we’ve incited them. These power surges are not your stereotypical, entire-house-shuts-down type — they are power fluctuations only noticed by the appliances in your home.

Over time, these power surges ultimately wear away at your household electronics and appliances. It’s not uncommon for computerized appliances to be damaged or even destroyed by these surges. Most often, their lifespans are decreased by up to 30%.

However, there is a practical solution to maintaining your appliances’ lifespan and protecting the electronics in your home while still being able to use them: home electrical surge protection.

The Advantage Of Whole-Home Surge Protection

The most common form of surge protection is a strip protector that plugs into the wall. While the individual devices that are plugged into that strip are protected, it’s only a low-level suppression. Most people aren’t going to have their ACs or refrigerators plugged into strip surge protectors, leaving thousands of dollars worth of electrical devices vulnerable to damage.

A whole-home surge protector is installed in your circuit panel, stopping spikes in electricity from traveling to your appliances and damaging them. When the surge protector senses dangerous levels of electricity, it can cut the power altogether, ensuring your home is completely protected instead of partially or not at all.

If you can easily be confident that your entire home is shielded from unexpected surges in power, why wouldn’t you do it? Don’t risk the safety of your home or family by allowing property damage or house fires to lurk behind every corner. Invest in surge protection!

Details Of Surge Protection

So, what exactly is included in whole-home surge protection? The expert electricians at Southern Air will take care of all the electrical connections and provide a flawless installation. After that, you will experience:

  • Consistent home protection
  • Full corded device defense
  • Home security
  • Reduced risk of electrical fires
  • Fewer replacement appliances cost

These benefits are almost guaranteed by our team of electricians. We’ve seen the damage a surge can cause firsthand, and we never want you to experience the same. That’s why we provide our honest recommendation: home surge protection is an important investment.

The Shreveport Difference

Not only can we provide you with the best skills in the industry, but we also commit ourselves to making the experience completely stress-free for you. From being respectful of your property to offering transparent evaluations and pricing, we prove how passionate we are about your safety. We know how many contractors are out there, and we know how to go above and beyond the average level of service to make sure you’re well taken care of. Choose to work with a team that actually cares and gets the job done right every time!

Ready To Invest In Your Safety?

Southern Air is here to make this process as easy as possible. Our experience and dedication to your safety are unparalleled, and we hold our team to high standards of service. You’ll be completely satisfied with our service, and you’ll have more peace of mind that your home is protected from dangerous levels of electricity. Contact us today to schedule your first whole-home surge protection appointment!

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