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Shreveport Ceiling Fan Installation & Repairs

Ceiling fans provide a wide range of benefits: increasing comfort in the summer and winter, serving as practical light sources for your rooms, are useful both indoors and out and are one of the best ways to reduce energy bills at home without sacrificing comfort. Not only are these appliances useful luxuries, but they’re also necessities for surviving the Louisiana heat.

Southern Air has two priorities: your electrical system working the way it should and your safety. When you put these two together, you’ll see that trusting a licensed electrician with your ceiling fan services is the best investment you can make!

How Do Ceiling Fans Cool?

Ceiling fans play a major role in the circulation of your air. Plus, they make it easier on your AC to keep your home cool, but they don’t actually produce chilled air. Fans use wind chill to make your body feel cooler than the air in your home actually is. Have you ever gotten out of the pool in the summer and felt chilled even though it’s hot outside? That’s wind chill!

When air moves over the moisture on your skin, it makes you feel much cooler than the temperature your thermostat is set to. This is a great way to save energy instead of cranking your AC down in the summer.

Where Can Ceiling Fans Be Installed?

Many homes have wiring already running to the center of the ceiling in most rooms to accommodate a light fixture. This makes it easier to install a ceiling fan because the connections already exist, but they aren’t required. Professional electricians will have no problem wiring any room in your home with the proper connections needed to power your new fan.

Professional Ceiling Fan Installation

Whether you’re looking for a reduction in energy usage, more comfort or even an added design to your home, installing a ceiling fan is an electrical job. Handier homeowners may feel tempted to take on a fan installation themselves, but we highly recommend working with licensed electricians.

Your fan is just another electrical device that is tapping into the electrical system in your home. A professional will be able to evaluate how to access your existing power without causing problems in other areas of the home. Also, anytime you are dealing with a motorized, bladed device hanging from the ceiling, it’s best to have experienced eyes on the installation!

The Shreveport Difference

Our team is technically skilled and experienced, but we go beyond that to make your service excellent. The service standards we uphold are at the core of every technician’s attitude and respect for your home. Our team is careful around your belongings, and we promise to make it right if any damage to your property occurs. We’re also just as invested in solving your cooling problems as you are. We want to make sure you’re well taken care of in every aspect of your home’s electrical safety.

Need Ceiling Fan Installation Services?

When you need the best electrical installation team, rely on the electricians who will get the job done right. From the first call to our friendly customer service representatives to the last time a technician leaves your home, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your experience. Give us a call today to schedule your installation!

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