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High-Quality AC Replacement In Leesville, LA

Air conditioning systems are designed to last upwards of 10 years, so investing in a new unit is an important decision. If you could have expert AC knowledge on your AC installation to make sure it progresses smoothly, wouldn’t you want it?

Southern Air air conditioning installation services are the answer you’re looking for, Leesville. Our installers are highly qualified and precise — not to mention friendly and capable! Our team will make sure your air conditioner installation is a hassle-free experience. We take care of the entire replacement process, getting you the cooling you need with none of the stress!

Are you looking to replace your air conditioning system or purchase a new one? Call Southern Air for superior AC installation services!

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4 Signs It’s Time For An Air Conditioning Replacement

Unless your unit completely breaks down, it can be difficult to know when a replacement is your best option. After repairing your cooling unit for so many years, how will you know that a new unit is a more cost-effective decision? By speaking with professionals like Southern Air, you can learn the top symptoms that indicate a severely failing AC system.

Your AC Age

While air conditioning units are designed to last roughly 10-15 years, that doesn’t mean all will — and it doesn’t pinpoint a specific time when your unit will be ready for an upgrade. When your AC hits 10 years old, every repair or concern becomes more serious. An older unit combined with other problems, like the ones listed below, can mean replacement sooner rather than later.

Disappointing AC Performance

If your AC isn’t producing the even, consistent, cool air that it’s supposed to, it may be time to consider an upgrade. If you notice hot and cold spots, low airflow, long cooling times or even hot air, call a professional to get to the bottom of it. Anything that makes your Leesville home uncomfortable isn’t something you should ignore.

Air Conditioner Inefficiency

Your energy bill is probably not something you want to see increasing on a monthly basis. However, most aging AC units lose efficiency simply due to the effects of time. Watch your energy bills closely for gradual or sudden spikes in your energy usage. This could help you determine if your AC is performing efficiently at all.

Multiple Air Conditioning Repairs

The closer your Leesville AC gets to the end of its life, the less cost-effective repairs will be. Speaking with a professional will give a good idea of how much your repair is going to be, and any technician worth their salt should be able to identify the cost-effective option. This is when having a trustworthy team on your side really comes in handy!

AC Installation Recommendations

Southern Air is here to serve the Leesville community — not sell you something you don’t need. When you’re considering replacing your air conditioning unit, you need the advice of an air conditioning expert. Our team members always provide transparent recommendations, taking the time to explain their reports and suggest the best solution for your home. You can trust that we put your needs first, every time.

For all your air conditioner replacement and installation needs, call Southern Air!

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