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What Causes Low Water Pressure in the Whole House?

low water pressure

It can be distressing to find that you are having water pressure issues in one area of your home, but finding out your whole home has little pressure can be frightening. Don’t worry. The issue could be much smaller than you think.

Here at Southern Air, we are experts when it comes to all things plumbing. We offer plumbing services at our Alexandria, Ball, Leesville & Shreveport locations. Here are some reasons why you may be having low water pressure in your home.

Issue With Water Supplier

Before jumping to any conclusions, you should consult your neighbors and see if they are experiencing any water pressure issues as well. If they are, more than likely there is an issue with your water supplier. Contact them right away and report the issue so they can begin work on the issue. You might have to sit tight for a while so be prepared to not have any water pressure for a few hours.

Too Much Demand on Water

If you find you and your family are using a lot of water, then your plumbing system may not be able to handle the high water demand. In some homes, having multiple plumbing fixtures running at once can put too much strain on your water supply. This makes it difficult to provide the appropriate amount of water pressure throughout your home.

Broken Pressure Regulator

Water pressure regulators are designed to keep your water pressure at an ideal level. It’s not uncommon for these to break after years of use. Thankfully, they are fairly easy and inexpensive to replace. However, it’s recommended you call a plumber to install a new one unless you have experience tinkering with pipes.

Clogged Pipes

Clogs don’t always build up in drains. In fact, they usually build up inside pipes. Even something as small as a produce sticker can cause a lot of havoc on your plumbing system. These clogs can even affect water pressure. If a pipe becomes clogged, the blockage can disrupt the flow of water to other areas of your home. With the flow disrupted, you can expect the pressure to be disrupted as well.

Slab Leak

Most modern homes are built with concrete slabs for a foundation. A slab leak is when your plumbing system leaks under the concrete. This sort of leak can be very bad as it can compromise the integrity of your home’s foundation. Excess pressure, corrosion, and abrasion could all be the reason your experiencing a slab leak. It’s best to call a plumber as soon as you suspect you have a slab leak. A professional can use a number of tools to properly detect and diagnosis the leak.

Leaking Pipe

It doesn’t take a massive pipe leak to disrupt your plumbing’s water pressure. A leak of any size can misdirect your water supply, causing pressure issues. Fixing a leaking pipe can be as easy as replacing the broken pipe but you may find your whole plumbing system is growing old and needing to be replaced.

Corroded Pipes

All pipes need to be replaced eventually, especially in older homes that were built with galvanized pipes. Corrosion occurs mostly in older plumbing systems and they can only be fixed by being outright replaced. If you have an older home, it might be time to talk with a plumber about repiping your home.

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Whether you need a slab leak fixed or a new pressure regulator, trust the experts and contact Southern Air. Our team has been providing quality service to Lousiana for over 20 years, and we’re ready to help you with all of your HVAC and plumbing needs. If you are located in Central Lousiana, contact us today!

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