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Clever Ways To Unclog A Drain

We all know about the irritation of an unclogged drain. Whether you can’t wash the dishes or you can’t take a shower without standing in a puddle, clogs can get really old, really fast. Unfortunately, if they’re not dealt with quickly they can become an even bigger disaster. Homeowners should all have a few tricks up their sleeves to deal with stubborn drain clogs, and Southern Air is here to make sure you do. From traditional methods to more creative solutions, we have some tricks that should help you fight a tough drain clog in your home.

What Causes Drains To Clog?

The main causes of drain clogs are residue and greases that we put down the drain in the first place. Even soap has residue that contributes to the formation of clogs. These filmy residues combined with materials like hair and food waste can rapidly become a solid clog in your drain.

The best way to keep these materials from accumulating inside the drain is to periodically perform easy drain maintenance. For example, using ice, vinegar or dish soap in the drain with lots of water can help to loosen and flush materials before they can become clogs.

Removing Tough Drain Clogs

The following are some of the tried and true tactics that you should attempt on your drain clog before calling for professional help.

Baking Soda, Vinegar and Hot Water

A combination of these substances can significantly reduce even the toughest clogs. Vinegar cuts through grease really well and can even be used in frozen form to help clear greasy residue from drains. Baking soda has a bubbling effect that can lift stuck particles and allow them to be flushed away. Old fashioned boiling water helps dissolve chunks of waste and soap and contributes to the flushing of the passage.

The Wire Hanger

If you’ve never used a wire hanger to fish out a drain clog before, it’s definitely worth a shot. Simply straighten a wire hanger and make a hook or bend in the end. Carefully feed it into the clogged drain, and attempt to snag pieces of the clog and pull them out. This technique works especially well in bathroom drains where hair is very prevalent.

Shop Vacuum

A shop vacuum designed for wet and dry materials is a great idea to try to unclog drains. After creating a seal over the drain with the shop vacuum at the mouth, turn on the machine. The strength of the suction could be the extra effort that is needed to shake the clog loose or remove it all together.

Caustic Soda

Also called sodium hydroxide, this liquid is hazardous to human skin. Be very careful when using this as a drain cleaner. Pour a mixture of cold water and caustic soda down the drain, and let it work for 20 or 30 minutes before flushing the drain and checking the status. You can repeat as is necessary.

When Should I Call Plumber To Unclog A Drain?

If your homemade solutions just aren’t working, it’s best to pursue professional help rather than let the clog build bigger. Strong smells and large amounts of backed-up water are good signs that you need professional help. Plumbing experts like Southern Air will bring specialized drain cleaner tools that are sure to make quick work of your stubborn blockage and keep the rest of your home safe from water leaks or pipe damage.

Need A Plumbing Repair?

If you’re ready for expert plumbers to take care of your drain blockage or other plumbing problem, don’t hesitate to contact Southern Air! You won’t find a better Central Louisiana plumbing team to efficiently and thoroughly complete your plumbing repair.

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