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Investing in a new air conditioning unit is no small feat, especially when you don’t have a reliable air conditioning team on your side. With professional AC expertise, your air conditioner replacement will proceed much smoother. That’s why a local air conditioning company should be the first thing you secure before your air conditioning installation.

Southern Air air conditioner installation services are the superior services that Monroe deserves. With highly-qualified installers and a passion for our customers, Southern Air is able to go above and beyond for your AC needs. We put you at the top of our priority list, every time. Let us take care of the entire AC replacement process, getting you the cooling you need with none of the stress!

Are you looking to replace your AC system or purchase a new one? Call Southern Air for superior installation services!

Is It Time For A Monroe AC Replacement?

If you’re like most homeowners in Monroe, you’ve spent the majority of your AC’s life making sure it is repaired and maintained well enough to keep that summer heat at bay. Since this upkeep requires time and effort, it may be difficult to move on from your older air conditioner — or to even recognize the signs that it’s failing! Keep your eye out for these AC failure symptoms our technicians see all the time.

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How Old Is Your Unit?

The most important factor in air conditioner replacement is the unit’s age. Air conditioning units are designed to last between 10-15 years, but not all units do! As soon as your system is 10 years old, it’s time to start thinking about your replacement plan. Any other symptom that pops up in an older unit becomes more serious, so your previous repairs and fixes may not be the right decision.

Poor Performance

Your air conditioning unit should be dependable and provide cool air whenever you need it, but failing units can show signs of struggling with this task. This could include hot and cold spots, low airflow, long cooling times or even hot air. Anytime your AC disappoints, it could be showing signs of deteriorating health.

Inefficient Cooling

The more energy and time it takes to cool your home, the less efficient the system is. One of the best ways to measure efficiency is through your energy bill. If you notice that your energy bill is gradually rising or has sudden spikes in energy consumption, it could be due to age — especially if your energy habits haven’t changed. An air conditioning specialist will be able to determine the true cause of the inefficiency.

Frequent Repairs

Sometimes, aging units just start to wear out. More frequent repairs can start to pop up, or even more serious repairs can occur as the system deteriorates. At a certain point, large or repeated repairs on your AC unit are going to be more expensive and time-consuming than investing in an upgraded unit. Trusting a professional AC technician comes in handy at this point because you know they’ll give you an honest recommendation for a replacement!

Ductless AC Installation

When it comes to cooling your home, you have options beyond a traditional ducted AC system. Many homeowners enjoy the capabilities ductless ACs provide for their homes. Understanding how a ductless AC installation works is less about turning the process into a DIY project and more about knowing if it’s right for your space.

Ductless air conditioners (or mini-split systems) combine an outdoor unit with multiple indoor air handlers. This allows you to personalize your climate control between rooms or zones in your house. Eliminating bulky ductwork results in a more streamlined aesthetic and higher efficiency overall.

A ductless AC installation may be right for your home if your house can’t accommodate ductwork. You may also want to install a mini-split if you have a recent addition or a garage or workshop that needs climate control. There are many different ways to use ductless cooling in your space. Let our team discuss your options with you so you can make the best decision for your Monroe home.

Air Duct Installation

Your central air system depends on efficient ductwork to deliver warm and cool air throughout your home year-round. Whether you’re involved in a new build, upgrading your existing system, or it’s time to replace your 20-year-old air ducts, our team is here for you.

Dependable ductwork allows your heating and cooling system to work as it should, season after season. Let the professionals on our team install new air ducts in your Monroe home. Outdated, leaking or damaged air ducts can prove costly if not replaced in a timely manner. New air duct installation results in increased efficiency, consistent indoor comfort and lower energy bills.

With professional services from Southern Air, your ductwork will be more efficient, leak-free and last for years. For dependable installations and air duct replacement, reach out to us today!

Monroe Air Conditioning Installation Services

Southern Air is here to serve the Monroe community — not sell you something you don’t need. We come to your home to help you find the best solution to your problem, and we encourage open communication with our customers to achieve that. You need expertise to make your air conditioner installation stress free, and we’re here to make it happen!

For all your air conditioning replacement and heater installation needs, call Southern Air!

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