Heating Maintenance

  • Heating Maintenance

Why is Heating Maintenance Important?

You depend on your home heating system to bring you comfort all year long. Like a car, it’s comprised of many interlocking parts and systems that keep it running efficiently. Unlike a vehicle, however, your heating system runs constantly in the winter, and many people don’t realize the importance of keeping it well-maintained and serviced regularly. Something as simple as an old filter could result in:

  • Increased pollutants & dust in the air
  • Corrosion & metal fatigue
  • Pest presence in equipment
  • Leaks and broken seals

While changing a filter is simple work, the results of neglecting it are much more devastating. A trained professional can help to perform those not-so-simple maintenance procedures, and look for future problem areas in the process. When you call Southern Air, you can trust our knowledge, experience and latest technology to both tune your system to maximum efficiency and identify problems before they cost you comfort, time and money.

The Benefits of Heating Maintenance

Southern Air will make sure that your system not only works, but that it works at peak efficiency all year long. When you schedule a Southern Air home maintenance visit, we’ll bring you:

  • Clean and efficient air usage
  • Savings on energy usage and utility bills
  • Identification of potential problems before they happen
  • Savings on costly repairs or potential full system replacement
  • Properly calibrated parts
  • Leak detection and sealing
  • Clean filters & ventilation ducts
  • Prolonged overall life and performance of your system