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Winter Maintenance For Your Water Softener

Helpful Winter Water Softener Maintenance Tips

When you have a quality water softener, you won’t want to go back to hard water! Soft water promotes healthy skin and hair, and it even cleans better than hard water, which is saturated with minerals.

If you’ve invested in water-softening tools, it’s extremely important to provide upkeep for your system to keep your water free from hard minerals. At Southern Air Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we make sure that you have all of the services you need to keep your appliance working for longer.

Regular maintenance will benefit your unit, no matter how old it is. Read ahead to learn a few helpful tips to ensure your softener stays in excellent condition when temperatures drop.

Insulate The Water Softener And Pipes

To make sure your system works well in winter, insulate the water softener pipes to retain warm temperatures. If the temperature drops below freezing, the water in the pipes can freeze, causing cracks, leaks and expensive damage.

You can protect the unit from the cold by using foam pipe insulation or heat tape. To provide better protection, consider having a professional move the system to a warmer area of your home. By doing so, you shield your system from the cold and make it more accessible. This helps it keep working properly and provides softened water all year.

Alexandria has mild winters but can still experience temperatures below freezing. To avoid expensive repairs or replacements, it is important to protect your system from freezing. This issue is a financial burden that can be prevented with the proper precautions.

Drain The Water Softener Tank

It’s a good idea to drain the system’s tank if you’re away from home for a long timeframe or don’t plan on using it during winter. When temperatures drop, the water in the softener tank can freeze.

Once water freezes, it expands, which can exert immense pressure on the tank and cause damage. To keep the tank in good condition, drain the water so it won’t get damaged by potential freezing.

Water is considered moderately hard in Alexandria. Because of this issue, many residents in Louisiana depend on softening systems to combat the effects of hard water. When water is hard, minerals can build up in pipes, causing wear and tear on your plumbing system. This problem can make them work less efficiently and experience more issues.

Have Your Water Softener Regularly Serviced

We recommend having your water softener serviced before winter. Maintenance will help the system work more efficiently and last longer. Our skilled technicians are prepared to check for problems and fix them if needed. Regular maintenance can improve your system’s efficiency and fix small issues before they require extensive repairs.

Our technicians make sure your unit works properly to enhance your drinking water. By keeping your water quality high, you avoid scale buildup and protect your appliances. You can rely on your softener to work well in winter with professional maintenance.

Call Today For Affordable Winter Water Softener Maintenance

At Southern Air Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we make sure Louisiana residents get the water-softening services they deserve. We offer quality services that ensure your system reaches a longer lifespan and better water quality. Contact our experienced Alexandria plumbers to schedule your next maintenance appointment today!

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