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Why Does My Toilet Keep Running?

If you are troubled with a toilet that never seems to stop running water, know you’re not alone and that there are ways to stop it!

A running toilet can be annoying, to say the least, and can increase your water bill. Figuring out what’s causing your plumbing issues early is important, as it could save you on a costly repair or replacement.

Below are a few reasons that your toilet is running, some fixes you can do yourself, and when to call in the professionals at Southern Air!


Reasons Your Toilet Might Keep Running

Before you go digging and yanking stuff out of the toilet tank, knowing what part and why your toilet keeps running might save you some time and energy.

A running toilet could be caused by many things, such as faulty refilling tubes which refill your tank with water, or a long/short flush valve chain that allows fresh water in from the valve as used water is emptied out, or wear and tear on your flush valve itself.

If any of these are present, it could be the reason behind your running toilet. But don’t fear, as there are ways to fix the problem.


How to Fix Your Running Toilet

Below are a few ways to stop that pesky toilet from running. You might need a few tools to help you, so maybe grab some gloves, pliers and a pair of cutter pliers just in case!


Set Fill Height with the Float

Your float could be the reason for your toilet issues. If the float is either low or too high, it will cause the flush to be too weak because there’s not enough water, or cause your toilet to run because water is spilling into the overflow tube.


Shorten or Extend the Chain

If your chain in the toilet tank is either too short or too long, it could be causing the flapper to stay open and cause water to keep flushing, or that when you flush the handle it’s too long to pull the flapper open and release water.

A simple fix to this is either to remove the extra chain linkage or add more if needed. If neither works, you can also bend the toilet rod slightly so that it provides the extra length needed or unnecessary.


Replace the Flapper

If all else fails and you have tried the other suggestions, it may come down to the culprit being a defective flapper. The first step to do if this is the case is to remove the flapper and take it to your nearest hardware store, so you can find a matching model or something similar.

If you cannot find the exact kind, you may have to go with a universal model. Make sure you get a non-adjustable one!

Once you have your new model installed, test it out. If your toilet is still running, then the seal on the new flapper did not offer a good seal, and you will have to install another flapper.


When All Else Fails, Call in the Pros!

If you have tried all options, and your toilet is still running, consider calling in some professional plumbers. If you let your toilet and plumbing issues go unaffected, it could lead to huge utility bills and waste. To avoid all this, call Southern Air today to check out your running toilet today!

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