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Replace Vs Repair: Your Plumbing Guide

Have you been experiencing problems with your plumbing fixtures, but don’t know what to do? Knowing the signs of trouble when it comes to the plumbing fixtures in your home can save you from having serious issues down the line.

At Southern Air, we’re here to answer all of your plumbing appliance queries, including whether it’s time to repair or replace them altogether. Read below to learn more!

Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are plumbing fixtures that are mounted to the underside of your sink and work by grinding food waste and other particles before carrying them through the sewer system to your wastewater plant.

These units are a vital part of your kitchen and can cause unpleasant issues when they clog, leak or jam. So when is it time to repair or replace them?

Garbage Disposal Repair

Clogs and jams in your garbage disposal are less serious issues that you may even be able to fix yourself.

If the source of the clog is visible, simply use the old trick of mixing a cup of white vinegar with a cup of baking soda and pouring it down the drain.

For more stubborn clogs and jams that may be further in the pipes, call a professional at Southern Air and we’ll have you good as new in no time!

Garbage Disposal Replacement

If you’ve started to notice puddles under your sink, water pooled on the floor by your cabinet or dripping from the garbage disposal itself, you may have a water leak on your hands. Unfortunately, by the time the leak starts becoming noticeable, it might be time for a full appliance replacement.

Another sign that replacement is needed is a lack of power to your unit. If your disposal won’t seem to turn on or frequently turns off by itself, check your breaker box to see if the connected circuit has blown. If everything seems fine, you may be experiencing a failing motor.

If a dying disposal motor is the culprit, it may be cheaper to replace the entire unit rather than buy a new motor.

Water Heaters

Water heaters are another very important component of your household. They work to make sure that all of the water that is used on a daily basis in your home is heated to the perfect temperature.

We use water heaters on a daily basis and they can last anywhere from eight to ten years which makes them easy to forget about until there’s a problem.

So what are some warning signs that your water heater is in trouble and how can you know if it’s time for repair or replacement?

Water Heater Repair

All water heaters will eventually need repair and maintenance, but it’s key to know the warning signs before a problem escalates.

Some signs that your water heater might need repair are:

  • Reduced hot water pressure
  • Cloudy water with a strange smell
  • Lukewarm water
  • Fluctuations in water temperature

Water Heater Replacement

Some signs that its time for a water heater replacement are:

  • Complete failure to heat water
  • Extreme leaks
  • Rust in the water
  • Water heater is at the end of its life

If you’re not sure how old your water heater is, check the serial number listed on your manufacturer’s sticker. The serial number is where you’ll find the month and date that your heater was installed.

Once you’ve found the sticker, use an online guide to decipher the number.

When it comes time to have your water heater replaced, call Southern Air and we’ll provide you with the best price and friendliest service!

Call Your Favorite Central Louisiana Plumbing Company!

When you’re ready to replace or repair your water heater or garbage disposal, call the plumbing experts! At Southern Air, we specialize in heating and air conditioning as well as plumbing and will answer all of the questions you may have.

We’ve proudly served the Pineville and Alexandria area for years and our professional technicians are ready to solve all of your plumbing issues.

Call us today to schedule!

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