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What is Hydro-Excavation?

Are you in need of some serious plumbing repairs but don’t know how to go about getting them? Underground pipe issues can be tricky to mend without tearing up your yard, but at Southern Air, we have a solution!

Our team is experienced in hydro-excavation, a professional plumbing service that makes complex sewer repairs less damaging to your lawn. We use top-of-the-line equipment to excavate problem areas quickly and efficiently, reducing risk to your other utilities as well. Read on if you’re interested in learning more about hydro-excavation!

What Does Hydro-Excavation Mean?

Hydro-Excavation is a service that uses pressurized water to move soil into a vacuum. This vacuum then transfers the earth into a debris tank to make your pipes more accessible for adjustments. Using a vacuum to deal with underground utility issues, instead of more invasive tools, is destructive and usually results in quicker repairs.

How Hydro-Excavation Beats the Competition

When it comes to plumbing repairs, hydro-excavation is often our first pick. Here are some reasons why this process triumphs over more traditional methods:

  • It requires less labor and special tools
  • Service is available year-round
  • More precise in tight spaces
  • Less risky for workers
  • Lowers liability costs and insurance rates

The Top Three Benefits of Hydro-Excavation

There are many positives when it comes to having your plumbing repairs taken care of through hydro-excavation. Some of the most notable are:

Service is Fast

Hydro-excavation is much quicker than other heavy machinery. It’s cost-effective by saving money on time usually spent transporting debris to dump sites.

Preserves Your Lawn

Hydro-excavation protects your environment by using water to create trenches only where you need them. Water does not permanently damage your lawn and allows technicians to dig deeper holes instead of wider ones.

Won’t Threaten Your Other Utilities

Hydro-excavation is less risky for your utilities because it doesn’t involve clunky machinery that could malfunction. Repairs can become even more expensive when infrastructure lines or cables are accidentally severed while trying to reach your pipes. Yet when the medium for your services is water, there is a smaller margin of error.

At Southern Air, you can trust us to show you dependable service for jobs of any size. Hydro-excavation is a reliable service, and you can trust us. Our professional team members are always ready and willing to offer you a job well done as some of the best plumbing technicians in the region. If you have questions, check out our website or reach out to us whenever works best for you!

Call Us At Southern Air Today!

Ready to try out hydro-excavation for yourself and watch your plumbing issues wash away? If you’re still searching for options when it comes to sewer repairs or replacements for your other underground utilities, we’re here is here to help.

We are firm believers in the advantage of hassle-free services, and we’re happy to provide you with quality solutions every single time. Contact our team at Southern Air today to learn more about our professional hydro-excavation services!

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