Now that the days are getting longer, you may be dreaming of the warmer weather ahead. We still have a little while to go until things warm up, but taking the time now to plan your annual spring home checklist can help prevent expensive surprises and make sure your equipment is fully functioning when it’s finally time to turn on the air conditioner.

In this article, we’ll review several steps that can help reduce your power consumption and prepare your home for the heat and humidity of the Louisiana summer. To schedule your AC tune-up as part of your spring cleaning, call our team here at Southern Air.

If you’re putting together a spring home checklist, make sure you include an AC tune-up from Southern Air on your list!

Clean and change HVAC filters

Pollen, spores and other particulates can gather in your HVAC filter. These clogs make the filter less effective and efficient when cleaning the air, which can adversely affect allergy sufferers. Your unit will also need to work harder, making it more costly than necessary to run the air conditioning. A good rule of thumb is to have someone clean or replace your filter every 90 days.

Clean registers and refrigerator coils

Air can’t pass freely through registers when dust builds up. When the cold air is blocked, the interior stays warmer, and the unit has to work longer to bring the temperature down. Also, the presence of dust on refrigerator coils impedes airflow, causing the motor to work harder. Have our technicians clean the coils during our annual AC tune-up and you’ll be one step closer to completing your spring home checklist!

Clear the area around the HVAC unit

Wind and rain can cause dirt, leaves, and debris to accumulate around the base of your HVAC unit. It is recommended that there is a cleared area of approximately two feet area around the equipment to maximize airflow. Cut back bushes and plants to ensure branches cannot get tangled in any of the moving parts. Turn off the power, vacuum with the brush attachment, and clean the outside housing on a regular basis as part of your spring home checklist.

Get an AC tune-up

Help your AC function at peak efficiency by having our team tune up your air conditioner, heat pump, or ductless system prior to the start of summer. Our Southern Air Heating & Cooling technicians are factory-trained and industry-certified. Our inspection process includes looking for worn areas or corrosion on any parts, which could be a sign of potential issues within the system. All parts are cleaned and calibrated to ensure they work at peak efficiencies. The unit is adjusted, tuning it to your home and your unique needs.

We also offer air duct cleaning and indoor air quality testing services here in Louisiana.

Contact us today to learn more about our inspection process and schedule an AC tune-up as part of your spring home checklist.