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How To Protect Your Outdoor AC Unit

AC maintenance

Storing equipment outside is typically frowned upon because of the potential damage it can cause, but we intentionally install AC condenser units outside. This leaves many homeowners wondering what they can do to prevent repairs and replacements caused by outdoor sources. Southern Air is here to share some ways you can protect your AC from its outdoor environment.

Regularly Remove Debris

One of the best things you can do for your outdoor AC unit is work regularly to keep debris like leaves and twigs out of the unit. This is because debris from outside can interfere with the moving parts of the unit and cause issues. Especially when the leaves are falling, check your outdoor AC unit regularly for debris.

Trim Away Foliage

A barrier of two feet around your AC unit is necessary to keep proper airflow and prevent operational issues. This means that any shrubs, trees or other foliage that reaches within two feet of the unit needs to be trimmed back or removed. If there are any branches that hang over the air conditioner, trim those away as well to prevent leaves from falling into the unit.

Be careful not to plant small shrubs or other plants that will eventually grow large too close to the unit, even if you’re trying to conceal it to prevent theft. This way, there will be enough room when the plant is bigger.

Use Proper Fencing

If you choose to install an air conditioner fence, the two feet rule still applies. Not only will this help ensure airflow, but it will also leave room for maintenance and repairs in the future. Consider going with an open design to improve airflow to the unit, as the proper flow of air is essential to the operation of the system.

Air Conditioner Covers

While they shouldn’t be used in the spring or summer, air conditioner covers are a great way to keep leaves and other debris out of your AC unit during the fall. There’s no need to cover the unit to protect against snow, as it won’t harm the unit. AC covers shouldn’t cover the entire unit – only the top of it needs protection from falling debris. If you make your own cover, ensure that it doesn’t reach more than six inches down the side of the unit – or you’ll be risking more damage than the cover prevents.


For more information about protecting your AC, contact Southern Air. We’re the Central Louisiana AC maintenance company you can trust to provide the best HVAC services and advice.

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