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How Do I Know If My Sewer Line Is Clogged?

It is essential as homeowners to understand how the system of your home operates. Knowing information about your home includes knowing where your sewer line is and if it’s clogged.

Throughout this blog, our team at Southern Air wants to ensure you understand the ins and outs of your sewer line. We will explain what your sewer line does and then go into different signs that your pipe may be clogged.

What Is a Sewer Line?

The sewage system in your home is all connected and meets in one mainline: your sewer line. Homeowners can usually find this line near their home’s foundation or by the city’s sewage waste. Your sewage line is in charge of carrying all your home’s water sources and discarded water to the central sewage system.

Signs Your Sewer Line is Clogged

When your sewer line becomes clogged, it can create many issues within your home. Once you notice these signs, it is crucial to request a sewer cleaning and repair service. The longer you let this issue persist, the more significant problems will arise that are more costly to fix. Here are a few ways you can tell you have a sewage line clog.

Flooded Yard

Because your sewage lines are underground, you may not notice any issues with your system. The biggest tell that your sewage line is clogged is when you begin to see standing water in your yard. Other problems can cause standing water, but you know it’s an issue with your sewage line if there is also a funky smell.

Funky Smells

Funky smells don’t just have to be from standing water from your yard! They can also come from your sink, tub, or anywhere that your water is connected.

Water Backing up in Your Toilet or Sink

Because your primary line is clogged, it is causing problems everywhere in your home. A clogged pipe can cause water to back up in your toilet or sink and can happen in only one area of your home. If you begin to see water backing up in multiple areas of your house, it usually is an issue with your mainline.

Slow Drains

You may notice your shower is draining slowly, but it is most likely an issue with the shower drain if it’s just in this one area. Slow drains occur when something is blocking the drain or inside the pipe blocking the flow. If you notice that multiple locations in your home are draining slowly, this could be an issue with your main sewage line.

What to Do If Your Sewage Line is Clogged

Homeowners who notice any of the signs listed above should contact our team at Southern Air for efficient sewage cleaning services. Homeowners should quickly fix a clogged sewer line to avoid any other issues within the home. Most sewage line issues are from broken or damaged pipes that need to be handled.

Suppose your home is experiencing any plumbing issues; we want to be there to help you! Call us today to schedule your service.

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