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Common Signs You Need An AC Repair

For most people, AC systems and air conditioning units are an absolute necessity for hot and humid weather. Your AC keeps you cool, calm, collected and comfortable in your home, which is why needing an air conditioning repair can seem like such a nightmare. 

At Southern Air, we value our customers and want to make the AC Repair process easy and manageable for you. If you’re looking for an air conditioner repair in Central Louisiana, look no further. We offer AC unit repair and tune-ups as well as a host of other quality HVAC services. Explore our website or contact us to see what services are the best fit for you.

It’s important to be able to tell when you need to contact a professional about your air conditioning system so you can address problems and receive maintenance services before your AC malfunctions entirely. Here are some common signs to look out for, indicating that it might be time for an AC tune-up or AC repair:


1. Strange Noises Coming From Your AC Unit

If you hear any strange noises coming from your AC, or any sounds that are even slightly out of the ordinary, you might want to search for Central Louisiana AC maintenance professionals. Odd noises are one of the first signs that you will, more than likely, be needing an ac tune-up or repair soon, and they definitely shouldn’t be ignored. 

Addressing odd noises could save you from suffering through your home’s own personal heatwave should your air conditioner break down entirely. 


2. Odd or Disagreeable Smells Coming From Your AC Unit

Similar to the unfortunate case that your air conditioner is emitting strange and uncommon noises, you should also seek AC maintenance if you notice any odd or disagreeable smells coming from it. Bad smells and unpleasant odors are another sign that your current unit might be on its way out the door. 


3. Your Air Vents Are Blowing Hot Air

Warm air coming out of your air conditioning vents is another common sign that your AC is malfunctioning and probably needs a tune up. Your vents blowing hot air can be a sign of restricted or blocked air flow within the system or faulty parts. If these issues are not addressed as quickly as possible they can lead to even larger, and much more expensive, problems.

In these cases, your best bet is to contact a professional who will provide you with efficient and effective customer service. Our professionals at Southern Air are well-equipped to address such issues and will prioritize your satisfaction with superior customer service.   


4. Your AC Unit is Cycling Very Frequently

With the Central Louisiana heat, you can expect your AC will kick on a few times throughout the day. And as the heat gets more extreme it’s normal for your system to come on more frequently to cool your home. 

But, if your air conditioning system is kicking on more times than usual throughout the day, or if the unit is cycling in a non-uniform manner (uneven time intervals between each instance of it coming on), it’s time to look into AC tune-ups and repair


5. Your Thermostat is Malfunctioning

You might assume that any odd behavior you notice occurring with your thermostat is a problem with the thermostat machinery, but it’s also likely to be a problem with your AC unit itself. 

Issues with the thermostat’s reading or programming can be linked to and coincide with a deeper problem rooted in your air conditioning system. If you’re having issues with your thermostat that aren’t resolvable by switching the batteries or reprogramming it, you should probably reach out for professional help.

In general, it’s good practice to get your AC unit and system serviced, maintained and repaired regularly and in a timely manner. Proper AC maintenance and unit care can increase the lifespan of your unit, keeping you from needing an uncomfortable and stressful emergency AC repair. 


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At Southern Air we offer services for AC repair, maintenance and installations in the Central Louisiana area. Visit the different sections of our website to learn more about us or contact us today to talk with a professional! 

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