What Are Some Of The Latest Advancements In Furnace Technology?

Advancements in Furnace TechnologyFurnace technology has come a long way in the past decade. Today, you can buy different types of furnaces that offer a lot of benefits as compared to the traditional ones.

In this blog post, we’ll review some of the most recent advances in furnace technology. Southern Air offers furnace installation service. Contact us for a free in-home estimate.

Hybrid Furnace Systems

Hybrid furnace systems contain not one but two heating devices: a gas furnace and a heat pump. The hybrid systems are ideal for people that are seeking a two-in-one solution that can both heat and cool the home.

When the temperature is low outside, the system absorbs heat using the exterior unit and distributes warm air inside the house. On the other hand, during the summers, the heat pump transfers warm air from inside the house to the outside thereby cooling the rooms.

Variable-Speed Furnaces

Furnaces with variable speed feature operate the blower at different speeds. This results in a more efficient distribution of hot air generated by the furnace throughout the house. The blower pushes the air into the ductwork after which it is distributed to the individual rooms.

As compared to standard blowers, variable speed blowers are much more energy efficient that results in reduced energy bills during the winter season. The blower can circulate air throughout the room without consuming much energy. This will also result in less need to clean the air filter.

In short, the variable speed features help slash the utility bills, ensures improved indoor air quality, and increases the life span of the furnace.

Electric in-slab heaters

Eclectic in-slab heaters are best for allergy sufferers as there is no ductwork. The system allows the room temperatures to be set individually for each room. However, a con of electric in-slab heater is that they are more expensive to run as compared to central heating systems.

Gas-fired hydronic systems

Gas-fired hydronic systems represent another advancement in furnace technology. The heater circulates heated water to convection radiator panels that are installed on the floor. The heater allows even distribution of heat throughout the room without any cold spots.

However, the heater is more costly to repair. The reason is that the heating element is located in difficult-to-access places, such as in the walls and under the floors.

Reverse cycle systems

Reverse cycle systems are highly efficient in generating heat compared to electric heaters. The systems can save thousands of dollars in utility bills due to efficient heating. Heat is produced through a reversing valve that reverses the flow of refrigerant.

This effectively makes the condenser an evaporator and the evaporator a condenser. The end result is effective generation and distribution of heat throughout the rooms.

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