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3 Heater Repair Scare Tactics [Debunked]

When your heater starts struggling to perform or breaks down altogether, you might feel desperate to get it fixed as soon as possible. You don’t want to suffer through a chilly Louisiana cold front with no heat! However, shady heater companies will take advantage of your situation and try to scare you into either purchasing something you don’t need or using their services — no matter what quality of work they provide.

Southern Air’s first priority is to our customers. We are never out to make a quick buck, and we prove it every single day. Our team wants you to be aware of the common heater repair scams that are run so that you can get the quality furnace repair services you deserve. Don’t let fear drive your heater repair!

One: Tempting Offers (It’s Too Good To Be True!)

The first thing to look out for when searching for a heater repair company is an extremely low evaluation or service offer. If it seems that the price is lower than all the others by quite a bit, then it’s usually not trustworthy. Remember the saying: if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is!

Some HVAC companies will offer striking deals like this to get their technicians invited in the door. Once they’re in your home, they can try to convince you that there are even bigger, more serious problems with your heater — even if they have to lie. Some technicians have even been known to purposefully cause damage to the heater that they will then try to charge you to repair.

Avoid this scam by only working with trustworthy heater repair teams like Southern Air. We’re even happy to provide you with a second opinion to make sure you get the best deal for the highest quality workmanship.

Two: Threatening Your Safety (Danger Is A Good Motivator)

The next scam to be wary of is the threat to your health or safety. If a technician is trying to convince you that you can’t wait another moment to start this heater repair or else your life will be in danger, double-check their claim. The most common claim these scammers will make is that you have a carbon monoxide leak. Note that if there is a dangerous situation occurring, any technician worth their salt will remove you from the area and call emergency services first.

If the technician is pushing for a signature to engage their services or offers a limited-time discount if you sign right then, then they are likely scamming you. There are very few situations where you don’t have time to get a second opinion before deciding how to get your heater repaired. Remember that.

Three: The Cracked Heat Exchanger (Rarer Than You Think)

The most serious scam is claiming that you have a cracked heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is the component of your heater that absorbs heat from the combustion chamber and allows your air to be warmed. Although it’s very rare, the what exchanger can form a crack. This could introduce deadly amounts of carbon monoxide into your home.

To be clear, this is a dangerous situation that could be fatal to unprepared homeowners. Carbon monoxide detectors are important for any home with fuel-burning appliances. However, it’s not very likely that your heat exchanger is cracked. If your technician claims your repair is this serious, don’t take their word for it or even believe a picture they’ve taken. Demand to see the crack yourself, no matter how difficult it is to access.

If you are in danger of a major gas leak, leave the home and call emergency services. Then get a second opinion from a trusted heater company to determine which is the best team for you.

We Don’t Scare You. We Serve You.

Just ask your friends, family and neighbors — Southern Air is your reliable heater repair company. We want you well informed and confident in your heater services. That’s why we always give honest, transparent recommendations. Give us a call today!

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