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When Is The Best Time For AC Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance services always seem to fall off of our list of things to do, don’t they? If nothing’s immediately wrong with our air conditioners or other appliances, it seems like it can be pushed off until we have more time to deal with it. Unfortunately, that’s exactly how unexpected repairs pop up!

At Southern Air, we know how busy your lives are, but we also want our community to value Southern Louisiana AC tune-ups as much as we do! Besides the many benefits of AC maintenance, knowing your system is ready to perform throughout the year is a high confidence builder. But even if you are sold on the idea of annual maintenance, when is the best time to make an AC tune-up appointment?

It’s Tune-Up Time!

The first thing to know about tune-ups is that it’s always better to schedule them late than never. If you manage to get your AC serviced anytime throughout the year, you’re doing great! Our team at Southern Air will be happy to evaluate your unit at any time to make sure you’re receiving all the benefits of an efficient and operating system. However, there are some tips you can use to make the maintenance process easier for you and allow your unit to work at its full potential.

Seasonal AC Maintenance

One reason why tune-ups are referred to as seasonal maintenance is that they are highly beneficial for your AC unit before extreme seasonal changes. This means that spring and fall are the opportune times to have your AC looked at. Even though our southern climate causes us to have more mild seasonal changes, your unit will still benefit greatly from spring and fall maintenance. Those soaring temperatures in the summer and cool fronts in the winter are better combatted with a top-performing AC unit.

Technician Availability

Another important thing to note is that the demand for AC technicians is very high in the summer and winter. HVAC repairs are more emergent for those left without cool or warm homes when facing the elements. This means that your ability to schedule an HVAC tune-up could be stalled if you try to get it done during the peak seasons. If you go through the trouble of remembering to schedule your AC tune-up, you want the process to be as easy as possible!

The Dangers of No AC Maintenance

Maybe you’re not convinced that AC maintenance actually makes a difference or scheduling your tune-up has fallen off your list a few years in a row. Either way, it’s never too late to halt the damage occurring inside your system! Don’t write off your AC just because you’ve never had it tuned up. There are many negatives you could be facing if you allow your AC to operate for years without care:

You might notice some of these same problems in a vehicle that never gets maintenance. Machines are designed to run by themselves, but they can’t clean or care for themselves. They need help to make sure they can run properly for years, or else you’re looking at huge expenses to fix or replace your unit.

Ready To Make An Appointment?

When you work with Southern Air, you can be sure that our evaluation of your unit will be comprehensive and effective. Put this task at the top of your to-do list this year and see the benefits when you need them most. Set your AC unit up for success by contacting our friendly customer service representatives today!

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