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What Size AC Do You Need? [Pro Equation Included!]

As you can imagine, there are quite a few different factors that go into deciding which AC unit best fits your home and your needs. With so many different brands and models you can choose from, it can get overwhelming. As one of Louisiana’s best AC replacement companies, Southern Air is here to help you decide!

Our experts have installed countless systems in our community, ensuring that your new system is in good hands. We’ll make sure your AC installation proceeds flawlessly and starts cooling your home effectively as soon as possible!

Why Is AC Size Important?

Making sure that you have the right size air conditioning unit for your home is essential to achieving the level of comfort you want. If you go big and buy a unit that is too large for the space you have, it can result in the system continually shutting on and off. This leads to a higher energy bill and a less efficient system.

If you buy a unit that is too small for your area, it can result in the system running constantly to make up for all the space it hasn’t cooled yet. This will also result in a higher energy bill and a less efficient system. It’s important to make sure you get the right size for your space so it spreads cool air throughout your home correctly.

How Do Professionals Recommend The Right AC?

Here at Southern Air, you can trust the professionals’ opinions. Our HVAC experts are trained to know exactly how to calculate the right size AC for your home. For the homes in Louisiana, we know that making sure that the air reaches all crucial areas is essential to maximum home comfort during those humid days.

Calculating Your AC Size

Calculating the size of your space is the first step in figuring out which size AC you want to invest in. There are a few different ways that you can go about this. You can begin by using an at-home calculation method to get an idea of the size you might need. For more accurate calculations, you should get a professional to come and use the Manual J Calculation to ensure your new unit matches your home.

Manual J Calculation

The most common way to figure out what size AC you need is dependent on the result you get from using the Manual J Calculation. This is a complicated formula that is used by HVAC professionals to measure BTUs for your home. BTU (British Thermal Units) is the measurement unit that heating and cooling power are labeled with. It allows professionals to understand what size you need in terms of tons.

Typically, your air conditioner needs about 20-30 BTUs per square foot of the space you want to cool. 12,000 BTUs are equal to 1 ton. The DIY equations look like this:

(square footage) (BTUs) = total BTUs

(total BTUs) / (12,000BTUs) = tons

For example, a 1,500-square-foot home would need 20 BTUs per square foot. That equals 30,000 BTUs. When you divide that total number by 12,000 BTUS, we get 2.5 tons.

The Manual J Calculation also includes measuring:

  • Square footage of your home.
  • Your location’s climate.
  • Residents in the house.
  • Exposure to the sun.
  • Style and number of windows.
  • Ductwork

These details can be difficult for homeowners to gather on their own, but HVAC experts are well-versed in collecting all the factors that affect your cooling load. With all of those factors included in the calculation, you can rest assured that the professionals will give you the most accurate measurement for your home.

Other Calculation Sources

One way that you can get an estimate of what size AC unit you need is by using an online BTU calculator. If you search online, many sites can assist you in the process of doing it yourself. It is important to explore the different kinds of calculators to make sure it includes the factors listed above for a more accurate calculation.

Trust The HVAC Professionals of Southern Air

We know how stressful it can be — knowing you need a new AC unit but not even knowing where to start. That’s what we’re here for! Here at Southern Air, we’re dedicated to making sure you have the right AC for your home.

We wouldn’t be doing our jobs right if your house wasn’t cooling the way you wanted it to. You can count on Southern Air to always provide top-quality service!

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