The best time of year to get an AC tune-up is in the spring, before you start using your air conditioner regularly for the season. This allows you to get the most possible efficiency out of your tuned-up system. That being said, there is no bad time for an AC tune-up, and with several hot months remaining in the summer, you may want to consider giving the experts at Southern Air a call and scheduling your annual maintenance. In this post, we’ll share other AC tune-up benefits that we didn’t cover in our March blog.

AC tune-up LouisianaTune-ups keep your warranty intact

Many new air conditioners come with an extensive manufacturer’s warranty that covers the compressor and system parts if something goes wrong. These warranties are highly valuable and can save you money and headache down the road if something goes wrong with your system in the first decade of ownership.

To keep warranties from expiring, many manufacturers require homeowners to schedule at least one annual tune-up from a professional HVAC services company like Southern Air. The cost of this maintenance is a small price to pay for the continued peace of mind that comes with having a warranty on your air conditioner for summers to come, and—taken into consideration with all the other benefits of a tune-up—makes AC maintenance from Southern Air a fantastic value.

Improving system performance

In our previous blog post, we discussed how an annual AC tune-up can make your air conditioner more energy efficient, saving you money every month. However, maintenance has another benefit: it makes your system more effective overall, without a corresponding leap in energy costs. By cleaning the system and making sure all its parts are in working order, the technicians at Southern Air can help your system produce more cooling power that is dispersed more effectively throughout your home. If you’ve been encountering “hot spots” in your home where there is effectively little-to-no air conditioner impact, give Southern Air a call and schedule a tune-up. Chances are that some maintenance will help your system push air throughout your home the way it should.

Better indoor air quality

What’s in the air you breathe inside your home? If your air conditioner is filled with dust and other pollutants that are not getting caught in the filter because it’s old and dirty, chances are there are many things that may be triggering sneezing, allergies, or even sickness. An AC tune-up isn’t the end-all, be-all of home air quality—you’ll still want to schedule duct cleaning or indoor air quality testing—but it can significantly help cut down on the dust that enters your home. In combination with some other cleaning services, AC maintenance can have a positive impact on the air in your home.

Call Southern Air for your AC tune-up

Since 1994, Southern Air has provided the people of north-central Louisiana with cooling and heating services. We’re not just trusted for our AC tune-up work, but with air conditioner (and furnace) installation and repair, as well. Our NATE-certified technicians have years of experience working with all systems, and we back up our work with a wide range of service guarantees.

Ready to schedule your AC tune-up and see the benefits right away? Give Southern Air a call at (318) 402-0119.