The kitchen is the heart of your home. From a plumbing perspective, it’s also one of the most-used rooms of your home, with heaviest-used drain: the kitchen sink. If you’re like most homeowners, you may be unsure when it’s time to replace or repair the kitchen sink. What are the signs that your kitchen sink needs repairs, and when should you call Southern Air for plumbing services in Alexandria?

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Deal with kitchen sink problems immediately

Don’t wait until an actual problem turns into sleepless nights and extensive repair and remediation expenses. Check out when we at Southern Air Heating & Cooling recommend contacting professional plumbing services in Alexandria.

What are the dangers of ignoring kitchen sink plumbing problems?

Plumbing issues are no fun to deal with. If there is a garbage disposal in the mix, you might even find yourself wondering how to prevent problems without putting you and your family’s safety at risk. Here are some warning signs your kitchen sink might be on the fritz:

  • Gurgling sounds
  • Ghastly drain smells
  • Garbage disposal malfunction
  • Banging noises
  • Leaks or low water pressure
  • Loss of water temperature control
  • Rust and damaged sink components
  • Rust and blemishes to the sink or fixtures

Bad water lines and kitchen sink fixtures are not just a pain to deal with and look at, they can also compromise your home’s safety and water quality. No one wants to come home to discover a kitchen sink pipe has burst, foul smell, or to need the garbage disposal only to find out it’s not working. it makes it hard for you and your loved ones to enjoy

Many kitchen plumbing concerns get worse when left unresolved. What starts out as a small leak can turn into a huge watery mess when least expected. Some kitchen repair issues happen intermittently, others on a consistent basis. While some problems may not seem like major inconveniences now, if given enough time they can be. No matter what DIY plumbing tactics you think you know, do yourself a favor and be proactive and call us at Southern Air.

Call the kitchen plumbing experts at Southern Air for plumbing services in Alexandria

Protect your home and family from the misfortunes of a bad kitchen sink or plumbing system. To learn more about our kitchen sink inspection and repair services and to prevent the consequences of unresolved plumbing problems, contact us for plumbing services in Alexandria and Ball — and for your own peace of mind.