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How To Prepare Your Heater For Winter

Winter Preparation In Central Louisiana

Winter should be a time for enjoying the holidays, not worrying about your heating system dying on you. A furnace breakdown can sap all the warmth from your home when you least expect it. That’s why winter furnace preparation is so important for keeping your household cozy and safe.

Getting your furnace ready for the cold season doesn’t have to be a hassle — we at Southern Air are the trusted experts for central Louisiana heating system preparation. We want your furnace to be in the best shape possible so you can relax in warmth all season long.

Schedule Your Seasonal Furnace Tune-Up

Have you scheduled your next furnace tune-up? HVAC units that don’t receive professional tune-ups are more prone to sudden breakdowns, higher energy costs and shorter life expectancies.

Your heating system does a lot of work to keep your home warm, and without the proper attention, it can quickly fail you. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about navigating your complex HVAC system yourself!

A seasonal tune-up from Southern Air’s certified service technicians will set you on the right path for winter — keeping all that precious warmth inside and the harsh cold out. When you take advantage of Southern Air’s services, you protect your furnace from problems while boosting its efficiency to new heights.

Replace Air Filters

Your air filters are some of the most important parts of the heating process. These filters keep dust, dirt and debris out of your heating system, but they can get clogged up faster than you might think.

Particularly in months of high usage — like winter — a filter can get dirty and blocked quickly. This forces your heater to work harder and cost more energy, while also reducing your indoor air quality.

It’s a good idea to replace air filters at least once every three months. When winter is at its height and your unit is in overdrive, more frequent changes may be needed.

Clean Air Vents

Vents will keep the cool air flowing, just like your air filters. That means they too have to be regularly cleaned lest they get too dirty. All vents, whether they be inside or outside, will need to be given attention.

If you’re worried about your ductwork, then you should call the professionals at Southern Air — trying to clean ducts yourself can be dangerous.

Clean Around Your Furnace

Even when our service technicians aren’t around, there are still ways you can take care of your unit. Your heating system will work more efficiently if it has room to breathe and is free from any debris.

You can improve your furnace space by:

  • Making sure all exterior parts of the furnace are secure and undamaged
  • Removing or sweeping debris around your unit and the rest of your HVAC system
  • Move away objects close to the unit to improve airflow
  • Keep all flammable materials far away from the furnace

It can be tempting to give your unit a full inspection, but remember that tampering with your unit can endanger both you and your HVAC system. The best and safest way to treat your heater is with a professional tune-up from Southern Air.

Review Your Thermostat

Your thermostat will be integral during the winter, so it must remain in working order. Confirm that your device is set to produce heat and that there are no malfunctions.

If you need to upgrade your thermostat, it’s better to do so before the cold months come in, so you can be sure you’ll have the heat you need all season long. Our team can include an inspection of your thermostat and provide recommendations for a replacement during your seasonal tune-up!

Give It A Test

Since you’ll be relying on your heating system for the winter season, it only makes sense to test that it all works! Pay attention to your heater when you start it up again for the first time.

Hearing a racket from your unit could suggest that something is broken and that a technician will need to examine it. Strange smells from an active heater can sometimes be harmless, but they can also indicate a surplus of debris, a malfunction or even a gas leak.

Turn off your heater and call in the professionals if you detect any strange smells from your unit.

Get The Best Tune-Up With Southern Air

Giving your heating system the proper care will keep your home comfortable, and the best way to do that is with a furnace tune-up from Southern Air!

You’ll receive a comprehensive inspection of your heating system, finding and solving any problems while also empowering your heater for the season ahead. You can start feeling warmer today — just give Southern Air a call!

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