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How To Know If You Have A Gas Leak

Have you been experiencing breathing difficulties or noticing strange smells in your home? If so, you may be dealing with a gas leak issue! At Southern Air, we offer many services to help you identify air quality problems in your home. From gas line services to AC and heater check-ups, we’re dedicated to keeping your systems functioning properly so that you can stay safe and healthy.

Our professional technicians are always available if you’re looking for high-quality gas line inspections or repairs. Read on to learn more about our gas leak services and why our company is the one for you!

What Is A Gas Leak In The First Place?

If natural gas escapes the pipeline it belongs in, it is considered a leak. Though gas is primarily colorless and made of methane, its odor is noticeably unpleasant. A gas leak can be dangerous for your health and the environment around you. The fumes it creates are highly flammable and can even cause explosions!

Signs Your Gas Line Needs Repairing

Gas leaks can manifest themselves in many different ways. They can affect your body or impact the environment around you. Gas fumes may be present in your home if you experience any of the following issues:

Physical Symptoms

One way to recognize if a gas leak is at play in your home is to evaluate your senses. Have you noticed weird rotten egg or sulfur smells? Does it feel harder to breathe when you’re inside? Gas leaks reduce oxygen quickly, making it easier for you to become poisoned. Some other physical sensations you might experience from a leak are:

  • Nausea
  • Little to no appetite
  • Constant ringing in your ears
  • Frequent nosebleeds
  • Chest pains
  • Dizzy spells
  • Increased drowsiness

Other Indicators

If your houseplants are dying off or your pet is vomiting and having trouble breathing, this can also be a sign of a gas leak.

Experiencing any of these things in your home means you should probably open your doors and windows, evacuate the building, and call a professional.

Preventative Measures For Gas Leaks

You can protect your family from harmful fumes by educating each other about natural gas safety. Most gas safety tips urge homeowners to clean their vents regularly and ensure proper air circulation by keeping emissions from building up. Small children are warned against touching natural gas appliances, such as stoves or furnaces, and gas detectors are encouraged to prevent leaks from going unnoticed.

Make sure to store flammable chemicals far away from a gas source, and try to schedule a gas leak inspection with a qualified professional at least once every year.

Contact Us at Southern Air For Gas Line Repairs!

As a locally owned and family-operated business, we have experience assisting families with home services and have accrued many positive reviews in the past 20 years. We prioritize our clients through our commitment to their 100% satisfaction with the work that we do, making sure that the job is done right.

Ready to set up an appointment with our certified technicians and find out if you have a gas leak? We’re committed to you and your family’s health and safety, so you can rest assured that we won’t leave your home without thoroughly inspecting it. For quality gas line services, visit our website or contact us at Southern Air today!

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