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Best Leak Detection Tips

Do you suspect that you have a leak in your home? The first step is to find where the leak is coming from and why. Luckily, you won’t need a plumber to come down immediately. To save you from water damage, our team at Southern Air wants to share ways you can have a successful leak detect at home.

Checking Your Meter

Your water meter is your most helpful tool for identifying potential water leaks. You can look at your water meter’s movements to see what kind of leak you have. First, turn off all the water in your home including your bathroom and kitchen plumbing. Then, watch what speed your water meter moves. If you see the meter moving immediately, you will likely have a fast-moving leak.

If there’s no immediate movement on your water meter, record an accurate reading and return to it in a couple of hours. If there is a difference from the first reading to the next time you look at your water meter, you are more likely to have a slow-moving leak.

The speed of your water meter can let you know how urgently the leak needs to be handled, so this is a valuable part of the leak detection process.

Checking Your Toilets

Your toilets carry large amounts of water on a daily basis, and they may be the cause of your leak. To see if your toilet is leaking, remove the lid from your toilet and check for any strange noises you hear. This can sound like a hissing or draining sound. These sounds can indicate a leak coming from a certain part of your tank.

You can also use food coloring in your tank to see if it drains into your bowl. If your tank is leaking, it will add water to your bowl, changing the color of the water. If your bowl gains water from the back tank, there could be a leak from your flapper.

Checking Your Hot Water Tank

Another place you can detect leaks in your hot water tank. Your pressure relief valve can make a hissing sound if there is a leak in your system. Check to see if the pressure release valve and the base of the tank are making any weird noises as this could be a sign of a problem. If you suspect there is a leak in your water heater, contact a leak specialist right away.

Monitoring Your Usage

When you have a leak in your home, you’ll notice a change in your water bills. Take note of how your costs fluctuate throughout the year, and take note of any severe changes. A slow climb in water usage can usually indicate there is a leak in your home. Check for any changes in your utility bills often so you don’t end up paying extra, and get your leaks serviced as soon as possible.

Southern Air And Our Leak Detection Services

If you need services for leak detection or need emergency services like a slab leak repair, Southern Air can help! Our team specializes in leak repairs so you can stress less about water damage and increased utility bills. Don’t let your leak problems overwhelm you, and contact us for a consultation today!

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