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Benefits of Having a Water Softener

If you live in an area where there is high mineral build-up, you understand the difficulties that come with living with hard water. But being in an area with a large concentration of hard water doesn’t mean you have to settle for all the potential problems that come with it!

What is Hard Water?

“Hard water” is a description used for water that is high in minerals that the public receives. This increase in mineral concentration means that the water is heavier and rougher. The higher the concentration in minerals, the more abrasive the water will be when it comes into contact with anything.

Hard water isn’t dangerous, but it does make living with it more challenging. Those with higher concentrations of hard water, like those that live in Louisiana, will need to find solutions to fix it within their homes. If hard water is left unattended, it can cause stained dishes, dry, damaged skin and mineral build-up.

What is a Solution to Hard Water?

The best solution to solving your hard-water problems is to install a water softener. A water softener is a tank added into your piping that has multiple layers of filters built inside to filtrate the water as it flows inside your home. As the water flows through the water softener, it takes out some of the minerals that are within the water, allowing it to be lighter and easier on your skin and home.

At Southern Air, our professionals know the ins and outs of water softeners and which kind is the right one for your home. We are more than happy to help you with the regular maintenance and any repairs that your water softener might need once it is installed to ensure that you and your family have soft water every day.

What Are the Benefits?

Softer Skin and Hair

When there aren’t as many minerals within your water, your skin and hair are the first to benefit. The water isn’t as abrasive, meaning that the moisture your skin needs isn’t being stripped away every time you shower.

Less Scale Build-Up

A huge benefit to softer water is less scale build-up in your showers or sinks. Scale is a result of the minerals within hard water, like calcium, breaking down and depositing on the walls or floors of your bathroom as the water evaporates. There will be fewer minerals flowing within your water with softer water, meaning there is a decreased chance of mineral deposits on your bathroom walls and tile.

Fewer Water Stains

When washing your glass dishes in the dishwasher or by hand, hard water tends to leave small stains or give the glass a “cloudy” appearance when it dries. Removing the minerals that cause the water to be hard also removes the chances of your glassware being stained and left looking less-than-pristine.

Protected Pipes

Your home’s water pipes have the same benefit as your bathroom tiling. With the minerals in your water causing it to be denser and harder, it can cause unseen mineral deposits throughout your home’s piping. This quiet build-up can cause a very large problem down the line if one of the pipes becomes fully clogged. When there are fewer minerals in your water, there is less chance of any mineral build-up in your pipes, thus decreasing the likelihood of repairing your damaged pipes in the future.

Better Tasting Water

Hard water creates a bitter taste due to the high concentration of minerals. People who have hard water tend to use bottled water to cook with or drink from to avoid the overall bitter taste coming from their tap. With a water softener, the bitterness is removed from the water and it becomes palatable. This allows you to save money on buying bottled water and instead enjoy the water straight from your tap!

For more information on how to deal with hard water, contact Southern Air for lighter and softer water, all year long.

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