It can be easy to take potable water for granted. Most American homes have access to all they need for drinking, cooking, and washing with nothing more than the turn of a valve or handle. In reality, though, that clean water supply could easily be contaminated without the aid of a backflow prevention device. Today, we’ll take a look at these invaluable devices and how they function.

A backflow prevention device can help prevent contaminants from re-entering your potable water.

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Potable water is a one-way street

Under normal circumstances, pressurized water from the main supply line flows into homes and buildings, where it is piped to faucets, major appliances, and so forth. Backflow is a condition that can occur when the necessary pressure no longer exists, possibly due to use of a nearby fire hydrant, or a breakage in the main line. In these instances, a prevention device is all that stands between clean potable water and a contaminated supply.

Contamination situation

Think for a minute about all you send down your home’s various drains; cleansers and chemicals are probably the most pleasant types of waste to speak of. Without backflow prevention devices, however, everything your family rinses, washes and flushes away could end up mixing in with the greater water supply, quickly placing public health at risk.

The right backflow prevention device for the job

The right backflow device depends on several factors, including local regulations and where the device will physically be installed. Some of the most common types include:

  • Atmospheric vacuum breakers
  • Double check valves
  • Pressure vacuum breakers
  • Reduced pressure zone assemblies

In most cases, residential plumbing systems require the most basic form of backflow prevention. On the other hand, commercial buildings will generally demand greater protection, particularly locations that handle more hazardous types of waste, such as hospitals and manufacturing facilities.

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