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6 Signs You Need A Water Softener

Take a look around your home. What do you see? Dull laundry, dry skin and cloudy drinking glasses? If this sounds familiar, your home may have hard water. While it doesn’t pose a direct health risk, hard water can make life less pleasant.

But it’s not all bad news. Learn of the health and wellness benefits of soft water with Southern Air. Read on to learn about the top signs that your household needs a water softener.

1. Dull Skin and Hair

One of the most obvious effects of hard water is how it makes your body feel. The heavy minerals in hard water can cause your skin to feel dry and itchy. You might also suffer from limp, dull hair or an itchy scalp.

These issues occur when hard water doesn’t dissolve soap completely, leaving a film on your skin. If you suffer from dull, itchy skin, making the switch to soft water could help alleviate the symptoms.

2. Itchy and Faded Laundry

In a similar way to causing itchy skin, hard water can also make your clothes uncomfortable. Deposits dry in the fibers of your fabrics, making them scratchy and prone to static. Also, hard water doesn’t allow detergent to create suds easily nor does it wash away cleanly.

This can result in your clothes wearing out faster and looking faded quicker. Once you make the switch to soft water, you’ll notice a difference in the quality of your clothes and how much softer they feel.

3. Scale Buildup and Low Pressure

Hard water can do more than make you physically uncomfortable – it can also affect your home. Calcium and limescale deposits can build up in your plumbing, resulting in low water pressure and inefficient appliances.

Over time, your plumbing can lose pressure and result in costly repairs. Often, the first appliance to malfunction is your water heater. A water softener eliminates the source of this buildup, allowing you to reap the benefits for years to come.

4. Hard Water Stains

The tell-tale signs of hard water can be seen throughout a home. Some of the most common signs of hard water stains are:

  • Cloudy glassware
  • Spotty shower doors
  • Toilet rings
  • Dingy bathtubs
  • Limescale around faucets

Save yourself the hassle of cleaning hard water stains by investing in a water softener. Soft water doesn’t contain all the minerals found in hard water, so there’s less risk of stains.

5. High Utility Bills

Hard water and scale deposits build up in your plumbing, forcing your appliances to work harder. Scale build-up lessens your appliances’ efficiency and can raise your utility costs. Most apparently, hard water affects your plumbing but can also weaken your water heater, dishwasher and washing machine.

If your energy bills are rising and you find yourself investing in frequent plumbing repairs, soft water may be the answer. Lower your energy bills and increase the efficiency of your home by installing a water softener.

6. Too Many Cleaning Products

Cleaning your home and yourself with hard water can put a strain on your wallet. In addition to endlessly scrubbing mineral stains, you may find yourself using extra soap and detergent to get things clean.

Hard water prevents soap from making suds easily, which means you have to use more to reach the same level of cleanliness. On the other hand, soft water washes more effectively and rinses cleaner, saving you money on cleaning products in the long run.

Southern Air Water Softener Services

While hard water does not put your health at risk, the daily inconveniences and frequent appliance repairs build up over time. Make the smart choice for your family by switching to soft water.

A water softener can save you time cleaning, help you spend less on utilities and let you enjoy your appliances for longer. Ready to make the switch? Choose the most reliable water softeners in Louisiana. Contact Southern Air today to learn more!

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