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5 Reasons You Need A Generator

It seems we always forget how much we truly rely on stable electricity for the everyday routine of our lives. But as soon as the power goes out, we’re quickly reminded of all the reasons why having a backup generator can be so useful during these unexpected outages.

There are many practical reasons to invest in a generator for your home. From entertainment purposes to emergencies, your local Southern Air team is here to explain how generator services can benefit you.

Backup Power During An Outage

A prolonged power outage can have catastrophic consequences for certain systems and devices within your home. Units like well water pumps and sump pumps won’t work when the power is out, which can cause major inconveniences and costly damage for you and your family.

People who rely on electric powered medical devices may also find themselves in a dangerous position with the loss of power, making this a situation you want to avoid at all costs. Here are five common reasons you should consider investing in a backup generator for your home.

You’re Connected To Well Water

Homes that are connected to well water require the use of a well pump to access it. These systems are responsible for bringing clean and safe water into your home, but they require electricity to operate. Loss of power will result in the loss of readily accessible water for drinking, showering and flushing the toilets, which is why it’s ideal to purchase a generator before this happens.

You Rely On A Sump Pump

Similar to well water pumps, sump pumps need electricity in order to run. These systems are used for pumping water out of the basement or other areas of your home that frequently accumulate water. They can be very effective for protecting from water damage so long as they’re properly working. Owning a backup generator will help ensure your sump pump has a reliable power supply even when the rest of your home does not!

You Or Someone In Your Family Uses An Electric Medical Device

You should especially consider investing in a generator if you or someone you love requires the regular use of an electric powered medical device, as this can be a life or death situation. Always make sure you discuss with a doctor and have a plan in place for when these conditions may occur.

You Want To Protect Your Food From Spoiling

Food inside your fridge can go bad in as little as four hours during a power outage – even if you keep the doors shut. It can sometimes take hours or even days to retrieve access to electricity after a bad storm, but having a generator can protect your perishable food items from spoiling during this time.

You Enjoy Camping Or Hosting Events

Not every situation that warrants the use of a generator is unfortunate, and oftentimes doesn’t even have to do with the loss of power at all. Many people own portable generators to use outdoors while camping or throwing birthday parties or other kinds of events. You can also use electricity from a generator to charge up power tools on-the-go, or potentially even an electric vehicle in some cases.

Professional Generator Installation In Shreveport

Our Southern Air family is here to help protect your home from outages so you can protect your peace of mind. A whole-home generator might be a practical option depending on the size of your family and the amount of appliances you’ll be using it for. Send us a message or give us a call to find out more, today!

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