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4 Natural Drain Cleaning Techniques

Every homeowner is going to experience a clogged drain at least once in their lifetime. This is an unavoidable fact of homeownership. Since clogged drains are an inevitability, companies have created dozens of chemical-laden solutions.

Before you reach for those caustic drain cleaners, consider the consequences. These products have a negative impact on your home and the environment. Try one of these natural drain cleaning techniques from Southern Air to keep your household safe and your drains clear.

Why Are Chemical Cleaners Dangerous?

Most chemical drain cleaners contain harsh solvents that burn through clogged drains. If the solution can burn through a clog, think what other damage it can do.

  • Plumbing damage. If your plumbing is PVC or has old joints and seals, chemical drain cleaners can melt this material. Save your plumbing from irreversible damage by avoiding chemical cleaners.
  • Environmental damage. Once the drain cleaner has done its job, it doesn’t disappear. It can leech out into groundwater and soil, spreading pollutants into the earth.
  • Health damage. Chemical drain cleaners can burn your skin and the fumes can cause eye and lung irritation. You also risk exposing others to these caustic chemicals if a plumber needs to perform a repair.

Keep your household safe and protected from dangerous chemical cleaners. Avoid emergency plumbing repairs, hospital visits and household illness by going all-natural.

Natural Drain Cleaning Alternatives

Physical Removal

The first step in learning how to unclog a drain is physical removal. Remove hair and gunk from your clogged drain with a specialty barbed drain cleaner or hook. Use a plunger (not the one designed for your toilet!) to loosen stubborn clogs.

Hot Water

Carefully pour just-boiled water down your drains to break up greasy clogs. Do not use boiling water if your plumbing is PVC, as the hot water can damage the pipes. More often than not, hot water is all you need to clear minimal blockages.

Natural Abrasives

If your drain is slow, pour about ½ cup of salt, baking soda or a mixture of both down the drain. Follow with warm water or vinegar. Salt and baking soda are abrasive and can help break down clogs. The vinegar reacts with baking soda to produce a foam that can help loosen debris. Run hot tap water down the drain afterward to clear it completely.

Attack Clogs with Cola

Dark cola makes a great DIY drain cleaner. Read the ingredients on dark cola and look for phosphoric acid. This ingredient can clear your stuck-up drain. Pour a two-liter, room temperature bottle into your drain and let it sit for a couple of hours. Then clear it away with boiling water.

When To Call Southern Air

If you’ve exhausted the above tactics and your drains are still stopped up, it’s time to seek professional help. Southern Air provides superior drain services to get your plumbing cleared and your home back to normal.

For Louisiana drain cleaning and repair, reach out to us at Southern Air today!

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