UV – Ultraviolet Air Purification

  • UV – Ultraviolet Air Purification

When people think of UV rays, they typically think of how much sunscreen to put on during the hot Louisiana summer. But UV rays serve many purposes – including improving the air quality within your home.

UV Rays – Nature’s Broom

Think of UV rays as the broom that nature uses to sweep away potentially harmful contaminants. UV rays are invisible forms of energy that come directly from the sun. They clean the air, eliminating viruses, germs, fungi and other types of bacteria.

Now, take a UV light and couple it with your HVAC system. What do you get? A UV air purification system that reduces the potential for harmful pollutants in your home.

UV Air Purifiers – Bacteria Killers

UV air purifiers are normally installed within your HVAC system’s ductwork. They consist of UV lights that literally shine on the air that passes through the ducts. Any bacteria within that air is killed by the UV rays.

Southern Air – UV Air Purification Experts

Southern Air provides various types of UV air purification options. In addition to our line of UV air purifier products, we also offer UV light installation services. Our goal is to ensure your UV air purification system is installed properly. We want to make sure the air in your home remains as clean and bacteria-free as possible.

Contact us today to learn more about our UV air purification products and services. We’ll set you up with an appointment with a Southern Air technician, who will happily provide you with information on how Southern Air can enhance your home’s indoor air quality.


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