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Why Your AC Unit is Constantly Running

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Summer means that your AC unit is going to be running for what seems like an eternity to keep you cool, but it needs a break – just like you. Is your system constantly running and not having a break throughout the day? There might be an issue inside your unit that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later, or you risk having to stop your airflow altogether while it’s scorching hot outside.


Common Causes of AC Inefficiency 

There are many reasons that an AC unit can stay running with no break in between cycles. Some of the issues build onto each other, which means that there isn’t just one major cause for the system to break down.


Blocked Filter

Your air filters are the first line of defense against any particle or allergen from circulating in your home. When they are not changed or cleaned regularly, they become blocked up. This blockage can start to decrease your AC unit’s rate of airflow, thus causing your AC unit to put in more work than necessary to cool your home.

A simple solution to prevent this is by changing your filters once every three months to receive the most effective rate of cooling in your home.


Dirty Condenser Coil

Similar to the filters in your AC system, your condenser coil collects dust and dirt over time. This build-up can impact your coil’s ability to allow air into your unit, just like the filter.

If enough dirt builds up onto the coil, it can cause a fire due to the coil heating up and warming the debris resting on it. To avoid this from occurring, clean out the dirt build-up once a month and ensure nothing around the coil, like grass, is clogging it.


Inadequate Refrigerant Levels or Leakage

If your air never feels cold or it fluctuates between temperatures, your refrigerant might be low or leaking. The refrigerant is vital to keeping your air cold, as it cools the warm air as it flows through your AC unit and sends it back out to be circulated in your home.

If you discover that your refrigerant is leaking, contact a technician immediately. Refrigerants can be lethal if inhaled and are dangerous to repair if you are unsure on how to do it. Do not try to fix this by yourself!


Unit Too Small

Your AC’s design is important to how efficiently it cools your home. If your unit is not cooling your home in an effective way or your monthly utility bill is higher than normal, the unit might be too small for the space it is in. This size difference causes the unit to go into overtime trying to cool the room, even if it will be unable to do so.

Call a professional to inspect your unit and see if it is in fact too small for the space or if there are other underlying reasons for it not being able to cool the space properly.


How to Solve These Problems

The best way to solve these issues is to have a trained professional come and inspect your unit. Repairing some of these damages by yourself can be dangerous if you are unsure of how to do it. By having a professional investigate what is going on in your unit, they can fix it and even discover any other problem that might be hidden ahead of time.

At Southern Air, our professionals are trained to efficiently find issues that are hidden within your AC unit to provide you with peace of mind. We offer seasonal tune-ups to ensure that everything within your unit is working in top order before the summer or winter. These tune-ups check to see why your unit might be running all the time before the extreme weather changes – so you don’t have to experience a delay in receiving cool or warm air.

For more information on why your AC unit might be working overtime, contact Southern Air to maintain a cool home all summer long.


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