You may own a house for decades and never encounter a burst pipe or a slab leak or a broken faucet. But, chances are that almost every homeowner has encountered a clogged pipe and has needed drain cleaning. It’s one of the most common plumbing problems that the plumbers at Southern Air encounter.

Some clogs may be easy enough for you to remove yourself. But, for others, more detailed treatment may be needed. Don’t just pour any chemical down your sink! Instead, call an expert. The plumbers at Southern Air are drain cleaning specialists with specialized tools for removing all types of clogs. In this post, we’ll review the causes of blockage and explain why it’s important to call a professional when you have a sink that just won’t drain.

Everything and the kitchen sink

Drain Cleaning Kitchen SinkIt’s common to see clogs form in the pipes under kitchen sinks. They’re also some of the most troublesome clogs: not only do they block the use of the kitchen sink entirely, but they are more likely to be composed of compiled grease and organic waste located deep within the pipe. A grease clog will be difficult to clear with an unassisted snake tool. Stop and call Southern Air.

When our plumbers arrive, they’ll survey the situation and start by using physical tools to remove the clog. If this doesn’t work, they’ll turn to chemicals that will weaken or remove the grease.

Of course, the best way to avoid this situation is to stop the practice of emptying grease (or coffee grounds) into the sink and to use the garbage disposal to clear food waste. This not only helps your own pipes stay free of blockage, but it helps your city’s sewer system, as well.

Worst-case scenario

If you ever find that all of the drains in your home are clogging simultaneously (such as both the kitchen sink, the toilets, and the shower), immediately stop using water and give Southern Air a call. Multiple drains clogging may be an indicator of sewer backup. This occurs when collective grease, fats, oils, and other materials form a clog within the sewer connected to your home. You know the saying what goes up must come down? With a sewer backup, the opposite is true. We’ll leave it to your imagination and just say that you do not want this happening.

Call Southern Air, and we’ll inspect the situation and determine a best course of action that may involve both our work and a larger community response. Either way, don’t just ignore the problem. It could threaten the value and security of your home.

It’s time to call Southern for drain cleaning

Whether your drain cleaning problem is minor or something far more serious, Southern Air can help. We’ve been helping Alexandria residents with their plumbing repairs for more than two decades. Our plumbers are trained and dedicated professionals with years of experience. When it comes to clogs, they’ve seen everything there is to see, and will be able to help you get your shower, sink, or toilet back. When you need drain cleaning, trust the professionals at Southern to get the job done right.