Our summers here in Louisiana can feature hot days with high humidity. When your AC is out-of-commission, you and your family are stuck without cool air. When you need AC repair, you call Southern Air. We offer 24/7 emergency service and can have your air conditioning system up again in no time.

However, you can avoid most of the need for emergency AC repair by following these tips. You’ll save money, have less overall headache, and have a better-functioning air conditioning system.

AC RepairSchedule an AC tune-up

Arranging regular spring maintenance with Southern Air is probably the best way to avoid the need for repairs that following summer.

What is an tune-up?

An AC tune-up performed by an industry-certified technician will identify any issues and catch them before they cause a full breakdown of the system. For example, a bolt might just be loose in the spring, and need tightening.

But, when you skip maintenance, that bolt spends the summer rattling loose, until it eventually comes off completely and hits the fan, causing major damage.

Other advantages

A tune-up has a number of other advantages, including that it can boost your system’s energy efficiency. That, in turn, can also help you avoid the need for AC repair. By having to work less hard to produce cooling for your home, your air conditioner is less likely to break down under strain.

Use your air conditioner less

Keeping your home frigid in the summer may feel nice, but it’s also putting your air conditioner under a lot of performance pressure and costing you on your energy bills.

Instead, use your air conditioner strategically. For example, when you’re gone for the day, let the temperature rise. It’s more efficient and easier to cool down your home when you return from work than to have the AC maintain the temperature all day for no one.

Another way to use your air conditioner less is to settle on a temperature that you feel comfortable with. For example, maybe you want your home to be 75 when you’re active and making dinner, but you’re comfortable at 78 when you’re watching television or sleeping.

That three-degree difference could save you wear-and-tear on your AC system (and help you avoid the need for AC repair) while also saving you money on your electricity bills.

Find other ways to cool your home

Your AC may be an indispensable part of your home’s cooling, but it shouldn’t be working alone. Instead, avoid the need for AC repair by taking other steps to boost your energy efficiency and reduce your air conditioner’s workload. Here’s just a few ideas on how you can get cooling relief for less:

  • Keep the sun out: As we all know, sunlight is a major source of heat. One of the best ways to keep your home cool is to use sun-blocking curtains and blinds to reduce the amount of sunshine streaming into your home. When no one’s home, you might as well reduce the temperature by keeping your home dark.
  • Use fans strategically: Contrary to what most people think, fans don’t actually cool the surrounding air. Instead, they make you feel cooler by pushing air past you. This means that fans can provide amazing summertime relief, but that leaving them on in rooms no one is in doesn’t do much but waste energy.
  • Watch your appliance use: Your home’s oven or stove top can be a major source of heat in your home that your air conditioner has to accommodate for. Don’t change your dinner plans completely, but consider making a few dinners each week that don’t require heating. A fresh salad or brilliant bruschetta may be the fresh dish you and your family have been looking for.

For more tips on how to avoid the need for AC repair, call Southern Air

You can’t account for everything, and sometimes you just need AC repair. When that time comes, give Southern Air a call. We’re northern and central Louisiana’s source for quality air conditioning services, and our certified technicians service all makes and models.

We also offer 24/7 emergency service for your convenience. If your AC goes down, call Southern Air. We’ll fix it right, or it’s free.