With the summer season winding down, fall is the perfect time to schedule a furnace tune-up with the team here at Southern Air. Even if your furnace was working perfectly during the last chilly days of this past winter, it’s still best to have one of our professionals take a look at it. In this blog, we’ll discuss why that is.

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4 reasons to schedule your furnace tune-up this fall

#1. Get your furnace up to maximum operation

When the nights get cold, you and your family will want a furnace or heat pump that’s operating at peak effectiveness and efficiency. If it’s not, you’re going to either see compromised heating, or you’ll see higher energy bills. In a worst-case scenario, you may get both.

By having a certified, experienced technician inspect your system this fall, you can help make sure your furnace is ready for the winter ahead. We’ll inspect your furnace and let you know if there are any issues you should be aware of. Plus, we’ll perform the type of maintenance that helps prevent problems throughout the winter.

The energy savings and peace of mind that a tune-up affords are worth it. Call Southern today to schedule your furnace tune-up this fall.

#2. Protect your warranty

While your furnace may still be under warranty, keeping that warranty intact is likely dependent on you doing your part to maintain the appliance. A fall furnace checkup protects your manufacturer’s warranty as well as the investment you’ve made in your furnace.

Think for a minute about how valuable that warranty can be. If you end up having to pay $500 for a repair to your furnace in year 8 that would have been covered by the warranty had you maintained it through regular maintenance visits, that could well exceed the combined annual cost of the maintenance.

#3. Keep your furnace longer

Buying a new furnace isn’t as pleasant or inexpensive as buying a cup of coffee. By scheduling annual tune-ups, you’re taking steps to ensure your furnace lasts you and your family for as many years as possible. Neglect is bound to cost you in more ways than one, so don’t let it happen to you or your wallet.

#4. Protect yourself and your family

When a furnace beings to malfunction, there’s always a risk that a crack in the heat exchanger can lead to every homeowner’s worst nightmare: a carbon monoxide leak. It’s important that you and your family keep your furnace running right through a tune-up, because furnaces can increasingly encounter issues as they age.

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