We’ve previously written about how beneficial it is to get an air conditioning tune-up prior to the start of the summer. The same idea applies to our furnace tune-up service, and that’s why the early fall is the perfect time to schedule a checkup with the professional team here at Southern Air. It’s furnace tune-up season.

Like your air conditioner (and other complicated machines, such as your car or bike), your furnace requires regular maintenance to keep it running right. “Right”, in this case, may just mean keeping your furnace from burning extra energy, but it also could mean just keeping it running. Without a tune-up, your furnace could break down (again, just like your car or bike!). To avoid this, we recommend having our team look at your furnace at least annually.

Here’s what a furnace inspection will do for your heating system, and why you should schedule one before the end of furnace tune-up season.

Furnace Tune-Up Season Has Arrived

The technicians at Southern Air are NATE-certified, and are furnace tune-up experts.

Better energy efficiency

We all want to save money on our monthly energy bills, and your home’s HVAC systems can be one of the largest users of power in your home. With some variation depending on climate (here in Louisiana, we obviously use our furnaces less than folks in Maine!), the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that your furnace use accounts for 42% of your energy bill in the winter. That’s a lot of money going to heating your home!

The good news is that a furnace tune-up can help reduce the amount of energy your furnace uses. Whether your system is fueled by gas or electricity, a tune-up can help your heater bring warmth to your home more effectively, reducing the strain and constant running of the furnace. Over the course of a season, those energy savings can really add up. That’s why we recommend having Southern Air inspect your heating system prior to the start of winter.

Reduced breakdown risk

Having better energy efficiency is a nice plus, but the main goal of a tune-up is to avoid a furnace breakdown. A major problem with your furnace means you’d either need repair or a new furnace. And while our team can help with both, we understand that you’d probably like to avoid purchasing a new furnace if you can avoid it. That’s why we recommend scheduling a furnace tune-up.

Long story short, your furnace is a complicated piece of HVAC equipment that runs almost nightly during the winter. As a result, parts and components easily get worn down, and moving pieces require new lubrication. As part of our furnace tune-up, the Southern Air team will make sure everything is working right.

Extended system lifespan

Finally, a furnace tune-up could help your heating system last longer. Most heating systems last between 15-20 years. An annual maintenance schedule from a professional company could help you reach into the back half of that range and beyond.

Again, the car analogy works here: cars can last for 15-20 years if you don’t take care of them, or they can last far longer with a regular checkup and care. If you’re interested in getting more out of your furnace investment, consider scheduling your furnace tune-up.

Choose Southern this furnace tune-up season

Now that we’ve reviewed the reasons that you should get a furnace tune-up, here’s why you should choose Southern Air. First, our technicians have been maintaining heating systems for years, and they’re all NATE-certified to meet the highest standards in the industry. Second, we’re a trusted, local company serving most of north and central Louisiana. Finally, we back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Still not sure? Or, ready to get started? Give our team a call at 318-402-0119 for more information, to learn about our current specials, or to schedule your maintenance before the end of furnace tune-up season. You can also contact us online.